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Gold Digger Husband Leaves His Wife Homeless, Karma Strikes Him Hard – Story from Subscriber

Bettina Dizon
Jun 15, 2021
10:00 A.M.
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A young man cunningly took the property from his older wife and then kicked her out of the house to live with his young fiance. Five years later, karma reached him.


Love blinds all the negative things about a person until one day; all the red flags start making sense. Loraine, 34, never saw her husband's red flags despite her mother's warnings until one day, he broke her heart.

When Loraine's first husband, Johnny, passed away, she met a man five years her junior who consoled and cared for her. Within a year, Max proposed to Loraine and moved in with the woman.

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The couple made significant progress within their first few months together -- they started a business that Max ran and planned to have a child. Loraine was head over heels for her husband until one day, she came home to Max snuggling next to another woman.

Shocked, Loraine asked who the woman was, to which Max calmly replied, "This is Mia, my fiancee." "Is this some kind of joke, Max? Who the hell is this woman, and why is she in my house?" Loraine replied.

Max laughed before correcting Loraine, "You mean, my house? We had the ownership changed so that I could borrow money for my business, remember?" Loraine could not believe that the man standing before her was the same person she fell in love with.


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"Let's face it, Loraine, you're old and wrinkly and can't give me children. Meanwhile, Mia is already carrying my son," Max added. "If it isn't obvious, I'm divorcing you." Mia then spoke and said she already packed Loraine's belongings so she could immediately leave.


"I am not leaving. My late husband bought me this house!" Loraine said. "Max, where is this coming from? What is happening?" Max explained that he just used Loraine to grow his business and give him a comfortable house, adding that he was never in love with her.

Still, in disbelief and denial, Loraine told her husband that karma would soon come at him. Max sarcastically thanked Loraine for giving him a great life and watched her leave the house.

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Five years quickly went by, and Loraine was able to get back on her feet. While on her way to Mon Cheri, a French restaurant she owns, Loraine saw a beggar seated on the floor while wearing a hooded jacket.

She quickly slipped a few dollar bills on the man's hand before realizing it was her ex-husband. "Max? Is that you," she asked. "What happened?" Max looked at Loraine and honestly told her that his life fell apart as soon as she left.

His business unexpectedly operated at a loss until bankruptcy, and when he had no more money, Mia revealed that the baby was not his. She left Max knowing that he had no money to provide her with material luxuries.


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"Actually, I've been thinking about you these past years, wondering why I ever let you go. It must be fate that brought us together again," Max said. Lorraine giggled and held up her hand, showing a wedding ring.


"A few months after you kicked me out, I met Anthony, the man of my dreams and now, my husband," Loraine said. "We adopted a beautiful daughter and opened a restaurant together."

Loraine immediately recalled what she had told Max before leaving the house and knew that karma quickly went after him. Still, she felt bad for the man who lost everything in a blink of an eye.

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"If you want, I can offer you a job at the restaurant. We need a bathroom cleaner to maintain good customer service," Lorraine said. The woman then handed Max her card and walked away.

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Every time you take your wife for granted, you are teaching her to live without you.

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