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Oregon Mom Displays Items on Her Yard that Her 'Thief' Cat Stole from Neighbors

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jun 15, 2021
01:15 A.M.
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In a hilarious story, an Oregon mom exposed her cat as the thief in the neighborhood after many months of the three-year-old pet stealing from unsuspecting neighbors.


In Oregon, a pet owner decided to publicly out her cat, who had been stealing things from the neighborhood over the last year. Kate Felmet’s cat took from gloves to a taxidermy bat.

Felmet hilariously shamed her cat burglar feline with a sign she placed in her yard, revealing that her cat was the thief. The pet owner encouraged neighbors to take whatever item that belonged to them.

Photo of a cat sitting on a couch | Photo: Pexels


The 50-year-old filled a washing line with stolen goods belonging to her neighbors, including bathing suits and a camera. In her post on Facebook, Felmet explained that her three-year-old cat Esme surprised her with gifts every Friday, gifts she stole from other neighbors.

The little cat’s stealing habits are not a recent development, according to Felmet. Esme started her act last spring and once brought eleven masks in one day, which earned her praise from the 50-year-old.

Photo of a cat sitting on a stool | Photo: Pexels


The Oregon mom, who works as a doctor, explained that Esme takes delight in presenting her with gifts and has a special meow whenever she brings home something special.

The funny cat would sit at the back door and wait for Felmet to give her a pat on the back for a job well done. Recently, Esme switched from loving masks to taking gloves from unaware neighbors.

The hilarious story attracted thousands of viewers on social media.

Facebook post of a cat owner telling her story | Photo: Facebook / Kate Felmet


When the family started working in the garden following a change in the weather, Esme got creative and found a way to help her loving home. She would often supply a pair of gloves each day.

She brings each glove separately and would return for the second pair. Felmet noted that her little pet had given her several bathing suits, kneepads, rolls of tapes, packages of paint rollers, and lengths of fabric.

Photo of an orange cat on a table | Photo: Pexels


The cat has no malicious intent towards the neighbors but is only trying to contribute her quota to her family. During a Halloween preparation, Esme returned home with three separate lengths of fabric to help with the construction of the garments.

Since the items had become much, the 50-year-old thought it would be kind to return the items to unsuspecting neighbors by placing them in her yard where they could find them.

Photo of a cat in a basket | Photo: Pexels


The hilarious sign has been more effective than giving the items back to each neighbor. The Oregon-based doctor noted that several neighbors had retrieved their items after seeing the sign.

Esme is not the only cat with stealing traits. In other news, a two-year-old black and white cat went viral for stealing clothing materials, shoes, paintbrushes, and a doll. The hilarious story attracted thousands of viewers on social media.


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