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Spoiled Girl Humiliates Her Bodyguard and Immediately Regrets It – Story from Subscriber

Bettina Dizon
Jun 15, 2021
10:00 P.M.
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A rich man hired a bodyguard for his daughter to prevent her from doing stupid things. The capricious girl humiliated the guard and got what she deserved.


Mr. and Mrs. Jameson ran an empire of companies across different industries. Their pursuits involved telecommunications, land development, commercial retail, and financial services. With such achievements, they had made enemies along the way.

The business moguls shared a daughter, Amelia, who recently turned 18 and began college. Despite being of legal age, her father took no shortcuts when it came to her safety and hired the best ex-Special Forces agent, Mike, to protect her.

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With his stellar experience background, Mike brought skills to the table. He knew how to defend the teen in case of any physical threats and was well aware of places that were not safe. On top of it all, Mike was also a loving father.

His protective nature allowed him to clash with Amelia multiple times. Once, Amelia was invited to a birthday party by a college friend. During that evening, he observed how many girls were heavily intoxicated while getting intimate with the boys.

When he noticed that she was losing control of her alcohol, he decided to interfere. Amelia felt insulted that Mike went in between her and her friends’ fun. Nevertheless, he got Amelia to end the night and go home.


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Naturally, Amelia felt harassed and caged by Mike’s overprotectiveness. So, at a particular event, she pretended to be drunk so that Mike would take her back home. The teen acted like she was completely out of it, forcing Mike to carry her with a dead weight.


Unknowingly, while she was being brought to the car, Amelia’s friends were tasked to capture a photo that would appear as if Mike was taking advantage of the 18-year old. The group managed to capture a shot that was enough to make Mike look like a pervert.

The very next day, Mike was called into the Jamesons’ headquarters. As he got in, he was immediately slapped in the face by Mrs. Jameson. “Explain this to me,” shouted Mr. Jameson. Mike was confused until he saw a photo of him he did not know had been taken. “

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Sir, it is not what it looks like,” explained the veteran. But, the couple could not stomach any explanation thinking their daughter had been violated. Mike was not only let go of that day. Mr. Jameson made calls to his connections who ran security agencies.

He scattered intelligence noting that Mike was laid off because of his actions. As a close friend, executives of various agencies did not bother verifying Mr. Jameson’s information. Mike’s reputation as an agent and a professional was tarnished.

One afternoon, after school, Mike decided to confront Amelia secretly. He knew all of the school’s passages having been Amelia’s security, so he knew where she would be. As soon as she saw her, Mike asked about the orchestrated photograph.


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The proud daughter laughed at her ex-bodyguard, explaining to him what she and her friends plotted. Mike begged that she explain to her father the truth. Yet, she refused because she was glad to get rid of him.


What she did not know was that Mike had a device that recorded their entire conversation. The contents of the recording were immediately sent to the Jamesons. The family was quick to issue an apology and requested for Mike’s return.

Nevertheless, Mike humbly declined. He explained that he could never find the motivation to work for someone who would easily throw him away without validating the truth.

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The parents knew that their daughter’s actions were uncalled for. It humiliated them as they had to retract all of their statements from people they spread lies to.

As a result, they decided it was better off that she be shipped off to boarding school while reducing the benefits she received from them. It was the only way they could teach her to have humility.

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