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Doctor Insults His Daughter Who Refuses to Be a Medic, Life Teaches Him a Lesson – Story from Subscriber

Bettina Dizon
Jun 16, 2021
10:00 P.M.
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Successful doctor demanded that his only daughter also become a medic and continue the family dynasty. When she refused, he began to insult her and very quickly regretted it.


Joseph Parker, the director of one of the medical universities in the state, is known for his stern yet kind character. He came from a line of great doctors and hoped that his only daughter, Miranda, would one day follow.

But Miranda had other plans in life. She wanted to become an artist and share her creative talents with the world, but she entered the medical university under pressure from her father. As a result, she did not give her all in studying and was in conflict with her father.

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After a year, Miranda decided to quit medical school and follow her dreams but did not know how to tell Joseph. A month before the school year ended, the Ministry of Health ordered that students undergo a particular health examination for everyone's safety.

Joseph took the order seriously and asked the department heads to examine everyone within a week. After his said deadline passed, he gathered all the department heads and deputies in his office to report on the situation.

One man stood up and said, "As of today, we have examined almost all students." "Almost all?" Joseph replied, looking quite upset. "Except for one student," the man awkwardly said.


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When the director asked who the student was, the man replied, "Your daughter, sir." Joseph let out a big sigh, sat down, and asked everyone to leave his office. Miranda takes after her father's diligence and curiosity. However, she is also just as stubborn as Joseph.


That evening, as he arrived home, Joseph went straight to his daughter's room and firmly asked, "Why are you refusing to undergo the exam? Everyone has done it, and it's needed to enroll for next school year!"

Miranda replied, "Dad, I decided to follow my dream. I won't need the examination because I won't be enrolling next year. I want to attend art school and become an artist."

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Joseph lost his patience and started yelling, "That wasn't the plan! The Ministry will know that I did not comply. I could get fired! Also, we come from a line of great medical professionals known in the industry, and you will continue that legacy."

Tears started to form in Miranda's eyes as she stormed out of the room and went to a nearby park. As soon as she sat on a bench, the young woman started to cry. Within minutes, an older woman sat next to her and asked what was wrong.

Miranda did not hesitate to open up and told the woman her situation and how her father only thinks of himself and the university he runs but does not care about his daughter. The woman looked surprised and asked: "Is Joseph Parker your father?"


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Shocked, Miranda said yes and asked how the woman knew. "I was once his professor at the university. He was a very diligent student, but his stubbornness often got the best of him. But believe me, your father loves you."


She added, "Your father just wants what is best for you, and at the same time, he does not want the Ministry of Health to know you did not comply with the requirements. I advise you to help him and take the exam. Then you can talk to him normally and make him understand."

The next day, when Joseph arrived home, he went to his daughter's room and said, "I heard you were examined today. Well done. I knew you would listen to me." Miranda replied, "I did it because I love you, and I didn't want you to get in trouble."

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She continued to air her feelings and claimed her father only cared about the university and what people thought about him. "I needed your support and advice, and you just shouted at me," she said. Joseph paused for a moment, sat next to his daughter, and apologized.

He said, "You know; ever since mom died, I've been trying really hard to look out for you and make sure you're always safe. I'm so sorry if I made you feel that way." Before Miranda could say anything, Joseph added, "If you really want art school, I will support you."

What can we learn from this story?

1. Although it is important to work hard, parents should also focus on their children


2. Children should follow their own dream, not their parents'

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