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Woman Hides a Voice Recorder in Her Husband's Car, and Not in Vain – Story from Subscriber

Bettina Dizon
Jun 16, 2021
10:00 A.M.
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A wife found another woman's items in her husband's car. According to her husband, he's never seen it before. But the wife decided to check it out for herself. What she learned knocked her off her feet.


Chris and Lola have been married for six years and share a five-year-old daughter, Mary. Although they are not a wealthy family, the couple worked hard to give their daughter the best they could.

Chris worked as an agent for a logistics company to make a living, while Lola is a hairdresser in one of the most known beauty salons in their neighborhood. One day, while their little family had dinner, Mary placed a woman’s hair clip on the table.

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She said, “Mom, you forgot your hairpin in dad’s car. I found it!” Lola looked at the hairpin carefully before saying, “This isn’t my hairpin. I don’t wear one with designs. Chris, whose is that?” Her husband hesitated to speak before asking if it wasn’t Lola’s.

“This isn’t mine. I know exactly what hairpins I have,” Lola replied. “So whose is that, and what is it doing in your car?” Chris firmly replied that he had never seen it before and that maybe his daughter found it elsewhere and placed it in the car.

Lola pretended to believe her husband, but deep down, she wanted to find out if he was seeing another woman. The next day, Lola bought a simple voice recorder and placed it under her husband’s car seat to hear what went on during the day.


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At the end of the first day, as soon as Chris went for a shower, she grabbed the recorder and hid in their second bathroom to listen to the day's recording. She only heard short mumbles from her husband, perhaps because the recorder was placed at a wrong angle.


However, the second day was quite different. It seemed that Chris was driving somewhere quite far when it only took 20 minutes to get to work. Then, she heard a woman enter the car and greet her husband.

Lola’s heart began to beat faster as thoughts about her husband’s betrayal clouded her head. Then, Chris asked the woman where she wanted to go. At that moment, Lola was sure that her husband was seeing another woman and taking her places.

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Tears began to form in Lola’s eyes until a few minutes later, Chris asked the woman to pay for the trip. The same happened with other voices until Lola realized her husband was driving people to and from places for money.

With so many questions inside her head, Lola immediately went to her husband and demanded to know the truth. She turned on the recording and said, “What is this? What are you doing, Chris?”

Chris was offended that his wife would spy on him and doubt him in such a manner, but he also confessed and told the truth. The fact was, Chris was dismissed from work three weeks ago after standing up to his manager.


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He was too humiliated to tell his wife about being fired and decided to make a living in another way, somewhere Lola would not know. So, Chris took people to and from places like a taxi in the meantime.


He specifically went to another city so that his wife nor any acquaintances would see him. Embarrassed, Chris lowered his head and apologized. He took his wife’s hands and said:

“I’m really sorry for causing your doubts and making you cry. I just want the best for our family and did not want you to see me at such a low point.”

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Lola was surprised at first but comforted and supported her husband after. The pair promised never to keep secrets from each other again and to deal with problems together.

For some time, Chris continued his ride-hailing service until one day, he found a better job that appreciated his skills and talents.

What can we learn from this story?

Never hide anything from your partner.

Always ask before making assumptions.

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