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Daily Joke: A Teenage Daughter Has Pains in Her Stomach

Rebelander Basilan
Jun 20, 2021
10:30 P.M.
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This joke is about a teenage girl who complains that she has stomach pains. A doctor's conversation with her mother is guaranteed to make you laugh.


One day, the mother decided to take her 17-year-old daughter to the doctor and asked him to examine the cause of the teenager's swollen abdomen, which was causing her severe pain.

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Two seconds later, the doctor informed her that her daughter is pregnant. The mother erupted into a fit of rage. Despite the doctor's contentions, she was adamant her daughter was a good child.

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The doctor stood in front of the window and looked off into the distance silently. Suddenly, the mother yelled, "Stop looking out the window! How come you aren't paying attention to me?"

In response, the doctor told the angry woman that he was paying attention. Immediately, the woman asked him why he was facing the window if he was really paying attention to her.

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To which the doctor replied, "Of course, I am paying attention to you, ma'am. It's just that the last time this happened, there was a star in the east, and three wise men showed up."

Her confusion was evident when the doctor explained the situation to her. The doctor then added, "I was hoping the three wise men would appear again to help me figure out how your daughter got pregnant."

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Are you up for another round of laughter? Here's a joke about a car mechanic who notices a heart surgeon standing nearby. The ending of this joke is sure to get you laughing.

On his way to installing the cylinder heads in the vehicle's motor, a loudmouth mechanic named Morris happened to see heart surgeon Dr. Michael DeBakey who was standing nearby.

Man inspecting the car's engine. | Photo: Pexels


The heart surgeon awaited the arrival of the service manager to inspect his Mercedes. Across the garage, Morris shouted, "Is that you, DeBakey? Please come over here as soon as possible."

Quite surprised, Dr. DeBakey walked over to where Morris was working on the car. Morris stood straight and rubbed his hands on a rag before telling the heart surgeon to take a look at his work.

A doctor holding the black tablet. | Photo: Pexels


Dr. DeBakey observed the car as he worked on it. Morris said that he also opened hearts, removed the valves, ground them, and replaced them. He claimed that when he finished, the baby purred like a kitten.

The mechanic then asked Dr. DeBakey why he was getting so much money when clearly they were doing the same thing. In a whisper, the heart surgeon told Morris, "Try doing this while the engine is running."

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