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Man Steals Food from a Neighbor's Dog, Life Teaches Him a Lesson – Subscriber Story

Bettina Dizon
Jun 17, 2021
10:00 A.M.
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A rich woman loved her dog very much and bought him expensive food. One day she noticed that the food was disappearing somewhere. After he found the thief, she did something very original to teach him a lesson.


For quite some time, the woman and her husband had been trying to have a child. However, Kim inherited genes that made it difficult to conceive. It came to a point where the couple gave up on the dream. Nevertheless, their life was completed when they decided to have their very own fur baby.

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One of Chester’s longest clients was a breeder of cattle. He had recently advertised the availability of golden retriever puppies for rehoming. From the moment they received him, Kim knew that she wanted to call him Charlie.

As their family’s only baby, Charlie was raised spoiled in no way anyone can imagine. He had his own giant dog house at the back of their yard and his own mini-bed, complete with mattress, pillows, and blankets, to sleep in every night in the master bedroom.

The married couple took it to a whole different level when it came to food. For morning, lunch, and dinner time, Charlie would receive the same as what was on the table. Sometimes, even better than what was served to Kim and Chester themselves.


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Charlie always got morning walks to the park. There, he got to play with the other dogs and run around the wide-open spaces. After which, the couple would take him back home before they continue with their day.


On their way back, they frequently passed an old man who lived by the dumpster in the corner of their neighborhood. The couple was very friendly and would often say hello and sometimes even let Charlie get close to the man’s dog.

During their few encounters, the man shared that his dog was his only companion. He would not know what he would do without him. The couple felt for the man, knowing that they loved their dog just as much.

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Not long after that, Chester noticed that Charlie no longer held the same enthusiasm for trips to the park. Later on, Kim also noticed his decreasing weight. His physical appearance from a healthy dog slowly withered, and it did not go unnoticed.

Chester and Kim immediately took Charlie to get help. Upon thorough examination, Charlie was discovered to be as healthy as he could ever be. Nevertheless, the veterinarian did observe Charlie’s weight compared to the last visit.

“Has he been rejecting food?” asked the vet. The couple denied, even highlighting that they give him delicious meals, always finishing with a clean bowl at the end. “Is it possible that you were giving him anything less than usual?” clarified the vet.


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Again, the couple said no, noting that they see Charlie eat more than they do. So, for the next few days, they decided to observe Charlie’s eating habits. To their surprise, he did have an appetite and was able to finish all squared meals.


The facts remained unclear until one night; they heard a commotion in their backyard. Chester saw a man trip before he sprinted away in the dark. They wondered what had been stolen but only noticed that Charlie’s large meal disappeared after they had just given it a few minutes ago.

At that moment, they became aware that someone had been stealing Charlie’s food in moments when nobody from the house was present. Luckily, the couple was allowed access to the public CCTV cameras located on the rear side of their yard.

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Upon investigating, they came to the discovery that the culprit was the old man. They realized that it was probably one of his ways of making sure his dog survived. So instead of pressing charges, the couple decided to visit the old man.

As he attempted to flee, thinking he was in trouble, both Chester and Kim reassured him that they knew about his antics and that they were not angry. They made a deal with him where they would share excess food for as long as he promises never to break into their home ever again.

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