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Wife Humiliates Her Infertile Husband, Few Months Later He Teaches Her a Lesson – Subscriber Story

Bettina Dizon
Jun 21, 2021
01:00 A.M.
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A woman has long dreamed of being a mother and insulted her husband because he could not make her pregnant. After a while, she got what she deserved.


At the young age of seven, Olivia already knew that she would one day want a big family. She grew up with two brothers and three sisters who were all very close to each other. Playtime was specifically the best part of every day with her siblings.

Although her parents were not wealthy, they made sure that each child felt loved and cared for. More so, having little toys allowed Olivia and her siblings to bond over outdoor activities and games.

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As she grew older, her friends would ask how a family of eight could have a peaceful household. Olivia would always say, “My mom holds down the fort.” Olivia looked up to her mom, Terry, since she was a little girl.

Terry managed to keep their house in order and made sure no child felt left out while balancing her career. A few years after college, Olivia met Mason, a sales representative for a pharmaceutical company.

Although it was clear that the pair liked each other, Mason continued to court Olivia by bringing her flowers and chocolates whenever possible. He would write her letters on certain occasions and give her small things that meant everything.


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Olivia always expressed her want for a big family, to which Mason agreed. “I will work hard to give our future children and us the best lives,” he said. Two years later, when he was financially stable, Mason and Olivia tied the knot.


Being raised in a Catholic household, Olivia knew that getting married meant being able to have children. Finally, her dream of motherhood could come true. The newlyweds tried to conceive in the first few weeks after their wedding with no luck.

Of course, many factors could have contributed to not getting pregnant. So, the pair tried again and whenever they could. Months passed, and still, Olivia was not pregnant.

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Mason saw his wife devastated every time the pregnancy test would turn out negative, so he tried different ways to cheer her up and suggested getting a dog for the time being.

One day, it occurred to Olivia that her husband may be infertile. “It can’t be me,” she thought to herself. “I come from a big family and have many lots of cousins and so forth.” Suddenly, she realized that her husband came from a line of childless couples.

Mason was an only child, and so was his mother. Meanwhile, her father was born through IVF because of fertility problems. At first, Olivia tried to suppress her thoughts and continue trying with her husband.


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But after several months more of trying, Olivia did not get pregnant. Suddenly, the aspiring mother was always hot-headed and silently blamed her husband. She did not want to confront Mason about the situation, but at the same time, she did not know how to react.


Finally, Olivia realized that becoming a mother and having a big family was more important to her. So, she decided to divorce her husband and start a family with a man who could give her children.

On the eve of her birthday, Mason gathered all of Olivia’s friends to throw her a surprise party in their house. But as it turned out, he was the one surprised. As soon as he came home with the guests, a letter on the table greeted him.

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Olivia told her husband that she had no face to say it in person and that she was sorry for breaking his heart. “Although I do love you, I love being a mother more,” she said. All the guests felt awkward watching Mason read the letter while he was embarrassed and devastated.

Three years have passed, and Mason found love with a beautiful woman named Emily. One day, while shopping at a grocery store, the former lovers crossed paths once again. Olivia immediately said hi, while Mason greeted her with a smile.

Before Olivia could talk to him, Emily went to the cart carrying a child. It turned out Mason was not infertile and had a son with Emily, while Olivia was still single and the one with fertility problems.


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