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Daily Joke: Old Farmer Had a Pig with a Wooden Leg

Jené Liebenberg
Jun 19, 2021
01:00 A.M.
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A news reporter was lost in the rural farming area when he came across a farmer who owned a pig with a wooden leg. Read on to see how the pig got his wooden leg.


A reporter was driving on the back roads of a rural farming area when he noticed something peculiar in the paddock next to the road. He pulled over to get a better look.

As he stepped out of his vehicle, he noticed the farmer leaning over the fence, looking at a pig with a wooden leg and all the other animals in the paddock in front of him. He walked over to see if there was a possible story.

A pig and a farmer. │ Photo: AmoMama


The reporter approached the farmer and explained that he was lost but that the pig with the wooden leg in the paddock was very intriguing, and he would like to cover the story in the six o'clock news.

The father had a proud smile on his face; he said that this was an exceptional pig capable of amazing things. The old farmer went on to say:

"You see the barn was buring down in the middle of the night and the pig squiled so loud that we all woke up. By the time we came out, he had herded all the animals out and saved them."

A pig in a pen. | Photo: Pexels


The reporter was amazed by the story and asked the farmer if the pig lost his leg in the fire. The farmer shook his head, saying that nobody was injured in the burn. The farmer went on to tell another story.

A pig's snout sticking through a fence. | Photo. Pexels


"I was in the woods a few weeks ago when a wild bear attacked me from behind me. The pig was so brave, he came running with top speed and chased the bear away, saving me."

The reporter stood with his chin on the ground and asked if the bear mauled the pig, and that's how he lost his leg. Once again, the farmer shook his head and said that the pig was fine after the incident.

A black and white pig swimming. | Photo: Pexels


The farmer went on to tell another story of when he was out in the field and didn't watch his step. As a result, he fell a few feet down into an old well - he screamed and shouted, but only the pig heard him.

The pig came running over and managed to pull the farmer out of the hole he was stranded in. The reporter asked if, in the process of pulling the farmer out, the pig hurt and lost his leg.

A pig sticking his head over the pen wall. | Photo: Pexels

The farmer shared that both he and the pig were fine after the well incident. Confused, the reporter asked how the pig lost his leg. The farmer placed his hands on his hips and with a serious expression added:

"This is a special pig, it shouldn't be eaten all at once!"