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Authorities Thanked Indian Boatman Who Saved a Newborn Baby Girl Floating in a Box in a River

Afouda Bamidele
Jun 18, 2021
11:00 P.M.
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Authorities in India planned to reward a Pradesh citizen for the selfless attitude in saving a newborn baby. The child had been abandoned in a box on a local river.


The Indian government showed gratitude to a boater, who has since gone viral after he helped save a little child abandoned on the Ganges river. The baby was wrapped up in red clothing and placed in a box.

A post shared on Twitter detailed the heroic deeds of the boater, whose name is Gullu Chaudhary. Authorities noted that he showed a “unique example of humanity.”

A boater kayaks on the Potomac River on May 29, 2020 | Photo: Getty Images


The public announcement also showed that preparations were in place for Chaudhary to be rewarded while government agencies would give the baby girl proper care.

Chaudhary was having a regular day by the riverside when he heard the cries of a baby. So he tried locating the sound and found out it was from a box floating on the river.


When he opened the box, he saw a three-week-old baby girl wrapped in a red shroud with images of the Hindu deities in the box. A horoscope card that included her name and birth details were also parts of the box’s contents.

A family in Pottsville could not hold back their show of gratitude after a rookie officer came to their aid concerning child care.


The baby girl was named Ganga after the river. Chaudhary wasted no time as he quickly got out of the river with the baby cradled in his arms. He comforted her until authorities arrived to take her to the hospital.

Authorities are investigating the situation and are yet to get a motive for the abandonment. However, it has been reported that this occurrence has been recorded in India many times.


According to gender statistics, baby girls are often viewed as financial burdens and subjected to societal prejudices. The demographic study also showed that female babies have a larger ratio in case of abandonment.

The boatman shared that when he initially heard the cries, other people were also present at the river bank. Many were reluctant to check what was going on before he stepped forward.


Chief Minister Yogi Adiyanath has heard of the touching incident and announced that Chaudhary would be rewarded with government benefits, including a new home.

Early this month, a family in Pottsville could not hold back their show of gratitude after a rookie officer came to their rescue concerning child care. The officer had responded to a 911 alert.


Joe Chronister and his family were thrown into chaos after his infant son choked on anti-gas drops and found it difficult to breathe. Chronister and his wife tried all they could, but the situation did not get better.

They later put a frantic call over to the police. Officer Cody Hubbard had been on duty and driven all the way to the couple’s apartment, praying all the while that he would be able to help.

Police officer emergency service car driving street with siren light blinking | Photo: Shutterstock

Hubbard, who is also a father, reached the first-time parents’ home, and he immediately knew what to do. The Chronisters were relieved after their baby’s labored breathing returned to normal.