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Daily Joke: Wife Says She Wants a Divorce

Lois Oladejo
Jun 19, 2021
05:15 P.M.
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A man and his wife were driving on a relatively regular day until the wife blurted out that she wanted a divorce. However, she was the one that got surprised.


A couple was having a good day while driving on a country path. The pair enjoyed the solitude of silence until the wife made it known that she wanted a divorce.

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The man did not reply as his only reaction was to accelerate the car's speed. She was perplexed when she got no verbal response from her husband.

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She noted that she had been cheating on him with his best friend for the longest time. The woman added that her husband's best friend is a better lover.

Again, the man did not utter a word as the only thing he did was increase the car's speed level. However, she kept on talking as she said she wanted the house, car, dog, and bank account.

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The man remained silent, and he further increased the car's speed. By now, she couldn't handle it anymore as she asked him if he was listening to her decision.

She was also curious, asking if he did not want anything. The man replied, "I have everything I need!" and almost immediately, he slammed the car into a wall as he added, "I got the airbag!"


Here's a joke about a young man who walked in on a middle-aged man at the post office. The older man was busy applying red heart stamps on bright pink envelopes, ready to send them out.

The guy was curious about what was going on, and at a point, the older man started spraying the pink envelopes with perfumes. This further piqued the guy's curiosity.

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He proceeded to ask the man what was going on. The man replied that he was sending out a thousand Valentine's Day cards signed, "Guess Who?" The young man wanted to know why, and the older adult replied, "I'm a divorce lawyer."

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