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Sick Boy Gets Revenge on Hooligans Who Bullied Him in School – Subscriber Story

Bettina Dizon
Jun 21, 2021
07:57 A.M.
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A boy has dreamt of changing the world, but his condition stands out from others. Local hooligans mocked the boy throughout his childhood and later regretted it.


Matt was born with ADHD, making him impulsive and hyperactive. His condition made it difficult for him to get along with his peers, but Matt’s parents loved him very much, and they wanted to give him a normal life no matter what it took.

But, there was only so much that their efforts could do given his uncontrollable behavior. In school, Matt would often interrupt conversations he felt ecstatic about, while he couldn’t focus on classroom tasks and would end up disturbing his classmates.

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On top of all these, he could never wait for his turn, making kids jealous that teachers would always have to accommodate him. Although Matt never meant for anything to be intentional, this was something other young peers could not understand.

To most, Matt was simply an ill and irresponsible social being who irritated everyone he came across. Matt’s condition made people stay away and tease him daily.

One of the things that Matt used as an escape from the life he lived was books. He loved to talk about icons such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk. He was inspired by their abilities to create value for the world and wanted to do the same.


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During one day at class, he couldn’t help but announce to everyone that he would be the next big entrepreneur. Everyone laughed at him. This gave the bullies an easy target.


After class, they would pick on Matt, calling him names, and dissing his dream. On other days, they would gang up around him in the hallway and push him around. “Think you’re some future big shot?” a bully said. Another added:

“I don’t think you know nobody likes you. Who’ll even believe you?”

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Matt finished his years in high school in ridicule for that one time he expressed his dreams. Nevertheless, he tried to channel all of his energy to productive matters. He joined school organizations that allowed him to land great opportunities in college.

Once he got to college, Matt turned to medication to control his natural movements. He selected a course in business that would allow him to build his network. He took on internships and ventured into different small-time companies to get things started for his future.

A few years after graduating, Matt had enough resources and connections to create his very own start-up. With some of his colleagues they established a manufacturing firm that created food products with the lowest costs in the market.


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This allowed them to be price competitive and affordable for all. Their business grew exponentially and allowed employment for many people, changing the lives of those that could not find opportunities elsewhere.


Among all the founders, Matt was very involved in the hiring process. Although not necessary, he ensured that he was present each time someone passed all of the requirements and made it to a job offer.

He wanted to personally welcome them and talk more about their motivations for the company. Not long after, Matt had an interesting series of encounters where the applicants that made it to his desk were his former bullies.

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Still, Matt took the high road and did not take anything personally. Instead, he welcomed them with open arms and ensured that anything in the past was all water under the bridge.

The people who ridiculed him for his dream were now putting in the effort to help him build his. In the end, he proved them wrong by staying focused on what he believed in.

What can we learn from Matt’s story?

Never give up on your dreams

People will try to put you down, but always believe in yourself

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