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Daily Joke: A Policeman Comes to Check an Old Farmer's Property

Afouda Bamidele
Jun 22, 2021
07:30 A.M.
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Today’s #jokeoftheday is about a police officer who went to inspect an old farmer’s property. However, he refused to follow the old man’s instructions about how to search the farm.


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One day, an officer pulled up in front of a massive yard. He stepped out of the car and approached an old man on the property to ask who owns the farmland. The old man answered that the farm belonged to him, and the officer said:


“I’m here to inspect your property for illegally grown drugs.”

A photo of a large farmland. | Photo: Unsplash

The gentleman didn’t put up any opposition and welcomed the man into his farm. He informed him that he could do whatever it is. However, there was an exception to the places he could search ― the fenced parcel of land.


However, the police officer didn’t take his advice kindly and yelled at him for telling him not to search the fenced land. He then angrily removed his badge from his pocket and shoved it in the man’s face.


The officer yelled, “Mister, I’m a law enforcement officer authorized by the federal government of our nation. Do you see my badge, buddy? This badge means that I’m allowed to go wherever I wish.”

The police told the man off rudely, but the senior citizen remained polite. He apologized and cleared the way for the officer to perform his search. Some moments later, while doing his chores, the old man heard a scream.


The terrifying noise was coming from the fenced land where he told the officer not to go. He came out to look over his pasture and saw the officer running for his life in absolute terror.

Behind the police officer was an angry bull at being disturbed in his shed. With every ground the officer covered, the bull covered even more, and the distance between the creature’s horns and the officer was closing up.

The old man was worried that the officer would be gored in no time and ran to the field's fence to offer some help. He climbed on top, waved his hand vigorously, and yelled to the cop, “Your badge, officer, show him your BADGE!”


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