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Bartender Helps Two Women Get Rid Of a Strange Man at a Bar by Showing Them a Fake Receipt

Afouda Bamidele
Jun 21, 2021
09:00 P.M.
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A bartender saved a lady and her friend from the hands of a creepy customer who seemed to be harassing them. He offered a helping hand with a note disguised as a receipt.


A bartender recently saved two women from being harassed by a creepy man who seemed to be making a pass at them. He passed a note which looked like a receipt to her.

On the note, he wrote a statement that indicated that he was ready to render a helping hand if she needed one. The woman was moved by this lovely gesture and decided to show appreciation by sharing the experience on her Twitter account.

A photo of a bartender mixing drinks | Photo: Shutterstock


The lady involved was identified as Trinity Allie. She posted a picture of the fake receipt handed to her by the bartender alongside a write-up that explained the incident. The bartender saw the tweet and replied with:

"Hey that's me! Lol Fun update, the guy I kicked out Sunday night came back to the bar JUST NOW for a beer, told him I wouldn't serve him."


The barkeep handed the lady the fake receipt after noticing that the other customer was constantly disturbing Allie and her friend. The note had a write-up that indicated that he would have the customer removed if he was bothering them.

In Las Vegas, another man, Justin Uhart, saved a woman who was injured during the chaos at a Route 91 festival.


Via her post, Allie noted that she made the bartender pose for the snap after the creepy customer left. According to the grateful woman's statement in the comments section, the bartender had to yell at the man to get him off their backs.

The superhero who was wearing a Hawaiian shirt was identified as Max Gutierrez. Many viewers praised Gutierrez for saving the women from an uncomfortable situation.


In another post, she revealed how Max eventually got the person to leave, which involved some exchange. Allie then shared Max's take on the issue, claiming he learned to diffuse situations from mentor bartenders.

In Las Vegas, another man, Justin Uhart, saved a woman injured during the chaos at a Route 91 festival. During the festival, an armed man opened fire on participants in the festival, claiming the lives of 58 people.

Unfortunately, Jan Lambourne got injured during the incident. But, Uhart saved her, and she was later taken to a Las Vegas hospital, where she received treatments. Uhart received praises from many who appreciated his kind gesture.


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