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Woman Sick of Men from Earth Claims to Have Fallen in Love with an Alien

Jené Liebenberg
Jun 26, 2021
04:20 P.M.
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Actress Abbie Bela claims she was abducted by aliens earlier this month, and during her time spent with an out-of-this-world creature, she fell in love.


Abbie Bela, a resident of east London, claims she had an out-of-this-world experience with an alien that has turned her love life upside down. Bela is ready to put human love behind her and commit to life with an alien.

The Brit, who is in her 30s, shared that a UFO abducted her from her bedroom window and transported her to the Andromeda galaxy, where she met her soulmate, a tall and handsome alien.

A UFO flying in the sky. | Photo: Pixabay



Bela revealed she was tired of men and placed a post online where she joked that she wanted an alien to take her. Lo and behold, the actress started dreaming about aliens and UFOs.

Bela claims the alien communicated with her through her dream and told her to wait by her window. The next night she sat waiting, and then a flying saucer appeared and abducted her. She then met the alien of her dreams, saying:

“There was one who connected with me. I felt the same. He said I had to consent to go with them, but I didn’t want to say yes in case they took me forever.”



Bela shared she was back in her home twenty minutes after the aliens snatched her away, but she is prepared for a second encounter with her alien; she even has an overnight bag packed and ready to go.

The first noteworthy report of UFOs may have been in 1947 when Harold Dahl had a close encounter with one.

In the face of backlash from people who say her story is untrue, Bela is confident she will be able to make intergalactic dating work and normalize it for everyone.



Although Bela missed out on her chance to visit the Andromeda galaxy during the aliens' first stop at her Canary Wharf apartment, she is looking forward to the opportunity when she can see her soulmate's home. She said:

"I hope he comes back. I am willing to visit the Andromeda galaxy."



Bela's story about a flying saucer outside her window is not the first one relating to the species that exist beyond our planet. The first noteworthy report of UFOs may have been in 1947 when Harold Dahl had a close encounter with one.

Dahl claims he was on a boat near the eastern shore of Washington’s Maury Island when he saw six ring-shaped objects flying above him. One of the UFOs then plummeted to the ground, leaving his son injured and the dog dead.


The man then shared that he called in his supervisor to see the remains of the UFO and even snapped a few pictures of the ordeal, but after a visit from a man in a black suit, the entire thing disappeared.

The authorities launched an investigation into Dahl's story but found no truth to it after the man admitted the entire story was a hoax. Still, Dahl's claims remain a story that fuels the Men in Black myths.