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Daily Joke: A Man Broke into a Bar

Laura Beatham
Jun 23, 2021
10:30 A.M.
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Today's joke is about a man who visited a bar he regularly drank at. However, this time, he was broke but thought he would push his luck.


One day, a man who was a habitue of a bar rushed through the doors and requested them to give him three shots as fast as possible. He seemed to be out of breath and was very distraught.

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The man asked the bartender, "Hey barman, please pour me [gasp] three shots of [gasp] your strongest and most expensive whiskey. [Gasp], I need it now."

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The bartender was surprised by all the action, as the day had been very slow for him. He had received very few customers, and many came in for only one beer or just a cup of coffee before leaving.

The bartender quickly poured the man three shots and told the man, "This is my best top-shelf liquor. It was distilled in ancient wooden barrels and could make for a very smooth drink.


The man quickly shot them back one after another. He seemed to be more relaxed, so the bartender thought it would be an appropriate time to find out why he had rushed into the bar so abruptly.

The bartender asked, "Hey man, why did you need those drinks so quickly? Is your wife giving birth? Are you being chased by muggers? Did you have a tough day at the office?"


The man responded, "Pour me another, and I will tell you." The bartender poured the man another drink. This time the man slowly sipped on it, and then when he was finished, he looked up at the bartender.

The bartender again asked him what happened, and the man finally responded and said, "Well, you would be drinking like this too if you were me. " The bartender was confused, but he humored the man and asked, "Why? What is wrong with you?"

The man started gathering his things and said, "I only have fifty cents. " Before the bartender could say anything or demand payment for the whiskey, the broke man ran out of the bar and slammed the door behind him.

Source: Reddit.