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Daily Joke: One Man Was Applying for a Job but Didn't Have a Computer

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jun 24, 2021
10:30 P.M.
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A poor man was rejected at a high-tech company because he did not have an email address. However, after starting a small tomato business, his successes after five years would shock you.


An unemployed man was eager to be of assistance to his wife and three children and decided to apply for a job as a Janitor in a big firm. He took an aptitude test, passed it, and got accepted.

During a conversation with the human resources manager, the unemployed man was told he would be hired at a minimum wage of $5.35 per hour. The manager asked for the man's email address to get him into the loop.

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The poor man was told the company's system would email him the advice and forms on when to start and where to report on his first day of work. Confused, the man explained to the manager that he was poor and did not have an email address.

The manager admitted that not having an email address was similar to not existing. He explained to the father of three that he needed an email address to be employed in a high-tech company.

Surprised, the poor man left. With only $10 in his pocket, he walked past a market and noticed a stand selling 25 pounds crates of red tomatoes. He purchased one crate and displayed it on a corner of the market.


Less than two hours later, the man sold all the tomatoes and got a 100% profit. He bought more tomatoes, sold them, and had almost $100 at the end of the day. The man went home happy with plenty of groceries for his family.


At night, he decided to continue with the tomato business the following day. At the end of the week, the man's multiplied profits were evidence of his hard work.

In the second week, he got a cart to transport a larger quantity of tomatoes. However, before the month ended, the man sold his cart and acquired an old pickup truck, and by the end of the year, he was a proud owner of three old trucks.


The man had achieved evident success. His two sons left their gangs to help their father with his business, the man's wife was buying tomatoes, and his daughter enrolled in a community college and took night classes.

At the end of the second year, the man's endless dedication earned him twelve used trucks and fifteen hardworking staff, and at the end of the fifth year, he had made it big.


He owned a fleet of trucks, a warehouse managed by his wife, and two tomato farms supervised by his sons. The tomato company had successfully given jobless and homeless people employment. The man's daughter revealed that the business had made over a million dollars.

With the future in view, the husband decided to get some life insurance. He consulted an insurance adviser and picked a good insurance plan suitable for his new life. When the final documents were ready, the adviser asked for the man's email address.


His response of not having time for computers and an email address left the adviser surprised. The tomato business owner was asked to imagine where he would have been if he had an email address and a computer five years ago.

The father of three exclaimed. He explained that if he had had an email address five years before that time, he would have been sweeping the floors of Microsoft for $5.35 per hour.

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