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Resourceful Mom Shares Simple Cleaning Tips to Keep the House Cleaner Longer

Lois Oladejo
Jun 23, 2021
02:00 A.M.
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A mom has gone viral on social media after sharing some cleaning hacks for keeping household items as good as new, and she did that with everyday items.


Mila, a mom from Melbourne, had her TikTok page buzzing with many netizens who found her content helpful. This was after she shared some home cleaning hacks that helped keep surfaces cleaner for longer.

Tagging her video clip, "Home hacks you'll wish you tried earlier," Mila got to work, and put instructions on her phone screen as she carried on with each of the cleaning tricks.

A person cleaning the mirror with a sponge | Photo: Pexels


The video started with a sweep through her clean bedroom, as the camera shifted focus to the mom-of-two who had her face turned from the camera.

In her white peplum top and pair of jeans, Mila kept the focus from her face as she filmed herself in the kitchen. She held old newspaper pieces in her hands and reached for the top of the cabinets. She wrote:

"Line tall surfaces with old newspaper to remove dust earlier."

\ woman cleaning a window | Photo: Pixabay


Mila proceeded to buff her clean kitchen sink with baby oil, which she sprinkled generously across the shiny surfaces. She noted that this action would make the sink water repellent and also keep it shining.

She also filmed herself spreading shaving cream on her bathroom mirrors and shower screen. She wrote that the shaving foam would keep the mirrors clean and fog-free.

She noted that she has been able to pull this off by buying food items on special offers like buy-one-get-one-free.


The social media user garnered over 22,000 likes and has been viewed more than 155,000 times. Many netizens were grateful for the tips as they acknowledged her efforts.

Another TikTok mom, Chantal, gave tips on how to get creases and wrinkles out of outfits without ironing. The first hack was to place ice cubes on the cloth and put them in a dryer.

Shirts placed on hangers. | Photo: Shutterstock


Chantal noted that the ice cubes would form steams that would, in turn, remove the creases. The second hack was to create a DIY crease remover.

She instructed that this could be done by mixing water, conditioner, and vinegar. This, according to her, would quickly get the wrinkles out without ironing.


Chantal added her third hack, relaying that hangers should be used to hold wet clothes, and by this, the creases would not be much. The TikTok user's video gathered over 4000 views at the time.

Last month, Tess Giddings, a mom-of-seven, opened up on how she has managed to save £2,500 on daily family spendings. The mom has been able to attain this feat despite her large family.

Giddings noted that she and her family did food shopping every week, and through that, she saves $100 weekly. She pointed out that she has been able to pull this off by buying food items on special offers like buy-one-get-one-free.