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California Brothers Claim to Break Highline Record with 2800-ft Walk between 2 Mountains

Lois Oladejo
Jun 27, 2021
09:30 P.M.
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Two brothers have made it to the news after completing a mind-blowing 2,800 feet during a highlining expedition. The pair also claimed to have set a new record for highlining.


Two Highline walkers, Moises and David Monterubbio from San Francisco, recently pulled a significant fit at the Yosemite National Park after they completed a 2,800 ft Highline walk.

The pair, who are brothers, also shared that their task completion has now set a new world record in Yosemite and California. The Monterubbios started their Highline walk on June 10 and finished it after some days.

A silhouette of a hiker taking in the views atop a mountain | Photo: Pixabay


The duo was joined by some of their friends, and they all spent time stringing through the 2,800 ft web line, with a 1,600 fit hollow that plunged into rocky depths below them.

Highlining is a relatively new sport that many have indulged in for a while now. It involves the athlete getting harnessed by the waist to a strong nylon web rope strung at two ends, at a high altitude.


The rope is usually said to be a few millimeters thick and joined to a waist-harness with a 3-inch steel ring. If a fall occurs, the athlete remains harnessed to the web rope at the waist.

To get back to an upright position on the Highline, the individual would have to haul themselves up by hanging upside down or move back to an anchor point still upside down.

There were different challenges with getting the line across and also walking on it, but Donnelly proved to be tenacious.


The brothers who are training to become rope access technicians shared that the record before theirs was at a 954-foot walk. During the line walk, David, 23, was hoisted off three to four times.

However, he eventually made it to the other end of the 2,800-foot walk line. His 26-year-old brother, Moises, was able to walk the rope without faltering, and he completed the feat in under 37 minutes.

A hiker at the top of the mountain | Photo: Pexels


The pair noted that Yosemite is not their first location for a Highline foot walk. They had earlier walked lines in Utah and Mexico. The brother shared in essence that they aimed to alleviate fears surrounding Highline walking and inspire more people to try it.

In 2017, three members of the French Slacklining team took the game a notch higher and bagged an impressive record of Highline walking. There were initially four, but one of them fell off his rope on the way.

A view of the horizon and mountains. | Photo: Shutterstock


The rope's length measured 5,453 feet and 1,115 feet from the ground. The slackline was hinged within the valley at the UNESCO World Heritage site in France's Massif Central mountain range.

In 2005, a then 21-year-old Ben Donnelly got inspired by a group of mountain climbers he watched in a movie and conceived an idea. His dream was to walk Colorado's longest Highline.

Photo of a river flowing by a mountain | Photo: Pexels

Donnelly trained for one year, and soon he was on a 1,300 feet slackline suspended above the town of Minturn. There were different challenges with getting the line across and also walking on it, but Donnelly proved to be tenacious.