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Mother Humiliates School Teacher, She Teaches Her Daughter a Lesson – Subscriber Story

Bettina Dizon
Jun 26, 2021
10:00 A.M.
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One day, Katie, an excellent student, received a low grade. Her mom didn't believe it, she came to school and humiliated Katie's teacher. Later on, the teacher taught Katie a very important life lesson.


Katie had always been one of the brightest girls in her school. Since entering preschool, she stood out for being intelligent, responsible, and participative in all her subjects.

Since Katie's mother, Ann, saw strong potential in her daughter, she always pushed the little one to be the best in everything and expected good grades all the time. As time passed, Ann's stern personality made Katie fear disappointment.

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One day, ten-year-old Katie came home with a low grade for her literature exam. Although Ann was furious, she refused to blame her daughter for the score and instead thought that the teacher was behind it.

So the next day, Ann stormed into Mrs. Goggins' classroom and demanded an explanation for the given grading. Mrs. Goggins calmly explained that she caught Katie cheating during the exam.

Since the educator knew that Katie was an intelligent child, she did not want to encourage that kind of behavior, so instead of giving the student a zero, she gave her a warning and deductions.

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"A warning? My daughter never cheats!" Ann said. "It's either you saw wrong, or you're lying, and you need to give her an A for this test, or I'll find a way to fire you." The whole class stood silent while Katie burst into tears.

She knew that she cheated and that Mrs. Goggins was telling the truth, but the child was too afraid to confess. Her fear of disappointing her mom and being a bad daughter stopped her from doing the right thing.

So, she watched as her mom humiliated Mrs. Goggins, her favorite teacher. The following day, Katie was playing in the classroom when someone suddenly shouted her name.

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As she got startled, Katie accidentally spilled a glass of orange juice on the floor. Mrs. Goggins came into the classroom immediately and saw what had happened, so she got the mop to help clean up the mess.

Katie was frightened, thinking that Mrs. Goggins would punish her after her mother shouted in front of the whole class. She thought that her favorite teacher hated her, but Mrs. Goggins just smiled and told Katie that it was alright.

"Why aren't you mad at me?" the child asked. "Why would I be mad at you, Katie?" replied Mrs. Goggins. Tears began to form in Katie's eyes as she replied, "Because my mother yelled at you."


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Mrs. Goggins gave Katie a tight hug and said, "Katie, I know why you cheated on the exam. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel that you fear getting a low grade because of how your mom would react."


Katie nodded her head and looked down. "You know, Katie, your mom loves you regardless of what your grades are, and she burst in here yesterday out of her love for you," the teacher added.

Mrs. Goggins continued to explain that children should not be blamed for their parent's actions, nor should the weight of what happened to be put on the shoulders of a ten-year-old.

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"No matter how your elders act in front of you, always be kind to other people, no matter what," Mrs. Goggins said. "I am not mad at you, but we should get this mess cleaned up," she added with a smile.

What can we learn from this story?

1. Children shouldn't be blamed for their parents' mistakes

2. Don't be afraid to tell your parents the truth

3. Be kind to everyone you meet

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