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Girl Lies to Her Boyfriend about Their Baby, Karma Does Its Job – Subscriber Story

Bettina Dizon
Jun 25, 2021
10:00 A.M.
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The young man learned that his girlfriend was pregnant and got a second job to provide for her. When he saw the child, he realized that all his happiness was a deception. After that, karma punished all the guilty.


Ron and Savannah have been together for years, growing their relationship since they were in high school. Many people look up to their relationship, but Ron did not know about Savannah because she was a cheater.

While many made the initiative to tell Ron, he simply turned a blind eye, thinking people were just out to destroy the special bond. Yet, soon, he made the discovery himself.

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For quite some time, Savannah kept a secret relationship with Dario. They would be intimate whenever Ron was away for work. However, during one of their escapades, Savannah conceived Dario’s child.

Knowing that she could not just get rid of the child, she made it appear that it was Ron’s. Her longtime boyfriend was shocked, unaware that they were expecting. With his excitement to become a father, he made sure everything was ready for the baby’s arrival.

The man worked two shifts to be able to have extra funds for the baby’s coming. When out of work, he would spend his free time decorating their spare bedroom as the baby’s very own.

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Upon giving birth, Ron was surprised to see that the child was Latino. He could not believe his eyes that the baby he had been celebrating these past months was not his own and realized Savannah’s disloyalty to him.

As soon as Savannah was stable to hold a conversation, he broke things off. It had been months since Savannah struggled with her new world of being a single mom, not being able to do the things she wanted.

Facing piling debt, she knew she was not ready to be one. She eventually decided that the baby should be left at an orphanage. It was not long after that Ron returned, realizing that he did not want to leave Savannah.

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As a good man, he wanted to stand as the child’s father. But as soon as he expressed his love, Savannah replied, “Oh, you don’t have to worry about that. We’re free! I gave the baby away to an orphanage.”

Ron’s life flashed in front of his eyes, remembering his days as an orphan. He went from group home to group home until he found a family that truly loved him. He could not believe what Savannah had done and wanted to make sure the boy never faces the same nightmares he did.

So, he decided to apply for adoption to become the baby’s father. Without hesitation, Ron was quick to take the child in once the documentations were approved.

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He decided to raise him on his own, removing Savannah from both of their lives. It had been years since the day Ron chose to venture into the life of a single father.

Though he struggled, he felt that his life had the purpose of imparting all of his values and learnings to the growing boy. One afternoon, in a nearby Diner, Ron ran into Savannah.

Just as they were about to leave, his son shouts for him to hurry with the food. “Is that him?” asked Savannah. “My son has grown up to be perfect,” she uttered while smiling.

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“He will never be your son,” countered Ron. “You gave up the chance to know anything about him or be part of his life years ago,” said Ron before he exited the restaurant.

What can we learn from this story?

1. Become parents when you are ready for the responsibility

2. Children are blessings, not burdens

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