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3-Year-Old Boy Helps to Save His Father & 6-Year-Old Brother after They Fall into 70-ft Well

Rebelander Basilan
Jun 26, 2021
10:50 A.M.
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Here's how the three-year-old boy managed to save his father and brother following their fall into a 70-foot deep well. As a result, they now view him as a hero.


On the evening of May 10, 2021, the Leseberg family was living life as usual at Rock Port, Mo. Brandon Leseberg, a Missouri farmer, was working cows while his two sons, Louie and Everett, had fun playing.

As Brandon was closing the gate to go home, Louie and Everett stopped at the water spigot to get a drink. Brandon then noticed that Louie was no longer there. Just seconds before, he stood mere feet away from him.



"I asked Everett, 'Where's Louie? What was wrong?' and he said Louie fell in the hole. And he pointed down, to a tiny hole through the board," the doting father recalled during an interview.

Brandon forgot that the board that covered up the well had rotted out in the middle over time. When Louie took a drink, the board cracked, and he fell straight down 70 feet into an icy well.

Brandon knew Louie was an inexperienced swimmer, and with the sounds of his son drowning, he decided to act immediately. Without thinking twice, he jumped through the hole Louie had fallen through.



Having reached the bottom and picked up Louie, Brandon realized he could not get back up. After Louie asked Brandon how they would get out, Brandon said Everett was the only one who could save them.

Brandon couldn't be more proud of his son.


As Everett stood on top of the well, Brandon called up to him. In order to save them, Brandon told Everett that he had to be a big boy and run out to the mailbox to wait for someone to see him.


With a specific order to stay off the road, Everett did it precisely that way. Meanwhile, Christi McKenney and her husband Mark McKenney later saw Everett, and the boy informed them that his father was in a hole.


Christi and Mark were on the ball immediately. Aside from dialing 911, the couple also called nearby neighbors for assistance. Fortunately, they were able to rescue Brandon and Louie.

One of the rescuers named Dan Athen, a farmer, contended that Everett is really the one to look up to because they were just neighbors who offered help to anyone in need. Brandon couldn't be more proud of his son.

Screenshot of comments from Brandon Leseberg's post. | Photo: Facebook/brandon.leseberg


In related news, Jayden Groves' ability to think quickly ultimately saved his younger brother's life back in August. Earlier this year, the fire department of his locality honored the 11-year-old boy as a hero.

Meanwhile, Mason Ochoa, 4, also received recognition for saving the life of his brother, aged 2, who fell into the family's pool back in October. Mason was able to keep him above water after hearing the security alarm.