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Daily Joke: A Driver Is Pulled over by a Policeman

Afouda Bamidele
Jun 29, 2021
10:30 P.M.
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Today's joke is about a driver who a patrol officer pulled over for going above the speed limit. However, he proceeded to tell the officer he committed some other crime.


A driver was going at high speed on the highway, but before he could go any further, a patrol officer pulled him over and walked up to him. The officer let him know he was stopped because of his driving mode.

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The officer shared that the driver had committed the crime of overspeeding. He, therefore, demanded to see his license to which the driver assured him that he does not have it.

A photo of a driver pulled over by a policeman | Photo: Shutterstock

The police officer was surprised when the driver added that he lost his license plate four times through drink-driving. The officer continued his interrogation asking for the registration papers of the car.

The man mentioned that he could not present those either, and the officer asked why that was so. He replied, noting that he stole the car and had no access to the papers.


The officer could not believe his ears. The man went further as he stated that he also killed the owner of the car. By this time, the officer concluded he had had enough.


The man shared that the owner of the car was in the boot. At this statement, the officer backed away from the car slowly and called for backup. In a very short time, more patrol cars arrived with fully-armed officers.


A senior officer who was also present moved slowly with his pistol half drawn. He ordered the man to raise his hands and come out of the car. The man did as instructed.

The senior officer further asked him to move to the trunk of his car and open it. After this was done, the policeman found nothing there. He then began questioning the man on the earlier claims.


He noted that the patrol officer mentioned that the driver stole the car and killed the owner. The officer also asked for his license plate and papers, and he brought everything out.

All the officers, including the patrolman, were surprised and lost for words. The senior policeman explained that he was told that he did not have the documents, and the driver replied, "I bet you the lying told you I was speeding, too!"


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