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Daily Joke: Man Goes to a Bank to Make a Withdrawal

Daniella Segell
Jul 01, 2021
07:45 A.M.
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A man went to withdraw some cash at his local bank but was surprised when the teller started asking him some personal questions that had nothing to do with the withdrawal of his money.


Going to the bank and making a withdrawal is something that we are all accustomed to and have likely done more times than we can count, but withdrawing money from a new bank can get a little complicated.

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For this man, what was meant to be a quick and easy withdrawal of money from the bank turned into an interrogation of sorts and much confusion on his part.

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The man in today’s joke had this experience when he went to a new bank to withdraw some money, and he was being asked questions about his romantic relationships that he didn’t feel were relevant to the withdrawal.

All of the confusion leads to the man becoming frustrated and then making an embarrassing discovery about how he misunderstood the bank’s role in this situation.

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He walked into a bank and told the teller that he would like to make a withdrawal but was confused when the cashier asked if he meant that he wanted to make a deposit. Finally, he clarified that he did indeed want to make a withdrawal.

The teller then went on to ask the man if he was married, to which he replied he was not. Next, the teller asked if he was in a relationship at all and whether he wanted to have children and was considering in vitro fertilization. We have to admit, these questions do seem odd just to get some cash in your pocket.

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The man became frustrated and asked why the teller needed to know about his relationship status, feeling she didn’t need to know that information for her to give him his money. The teller then informed the man that she needed all of that information because he was at a sperm bank.

It seems like money is the root of all confusion in every situation. In another situation, a thief held a bank up at gunpoint, shooting everybody who saw his face when his mask accidentally fell off. Two women were shot simply because they had seen the man’s face when his mask slipped off.

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When he asked a man whether or not he had seen his face, the man was quick to reply that he hadn’t, but he was sure that his wife had.

Next time you go to the bank, make sure you have all of your ducks in a row to ensure that you don’t end up in a sticky situation as these two men found themselves in. In fact, maybe it’s best just to use cards from now on.

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We are always advised to be careful with our money, but these jokes show that we need to think about everything a little more clearly when we’re at the bank.

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