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Daily Joke: Married Couple Wants to Adopt a Baby

Daniella Segell
Jul 01, 2021
10:30 P.M.
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A couple adopting a baby is a beautiful thing, and the fact that this couple worked for a circus does not make the adoption process any less beautiful. However, it might have made it slightly more complicated.


Adoption is a tricky process at any time and can be taxing on both the parents and the agency. There is so much that can go wrong, and there are so many factors to consider to ensure that both the child and the parents are safe, healthy, and happy.

However, for some people, it is much tricker than it is for others because of their home situation or the jobs that they do. For this couple with an odd working and home environment, the social worker was skeptical about letting them adopt a child.

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One of the many things that adoption agencies check on when screening a family for adoption is the parents’ jobs to ensure they are financially stable enough to take care of the child and that they will be around to bond with the child, too.

For this couple, when the adoption agency visited them at their job working with the circus, they were met with many questions because while a child might think that growing up in the circus is ideal, adoption agencies know that it is not.

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One of the first questions the adoption agency asked the parents was if they thought a circus was any place for a child with all of the dangerous animals around and all the traveling they would be doing.

The parents replied that the animals had been well trained, and they had a state-of-the-art motorhome to ensure that the traveling was not an issue.

The next question from the adoption agency was on the child’s education because the child would not attend a conventional school. The parents again reassured the agency that the child would have a private tutor that would teach every subject a conventional school has and some extras.


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The couple also reassured the social worker that the child would be well cared for when they are not available because there would be a nanny to take care of the child, and the nanny was trained in pediatric care, child welfare, and nutrition.


After hearing all of this, the social worker was impressed and asked the parents what age they were looking to adopt. The father responded that it didn’t matter, so long as the child would fit into the cannon.

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If anybody has never looked into adoption because they were able to have a family of their own, you might like this next joke. Women know that natural labor is incredibly painful and most wish that their partners knew how it felt.

When one couple arrived at the hospital and was told there was now technology that would allow the father to feel the pain the mother was feeling, they both jumped at the opportunity to try it out.

The doctor started the machine at 10% of the mother’s pain and warned the father it would be more painful than he had ever felt.

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However, the father said he felt quite alright. So the doctor bumped it up to 20%, and still, the father felt nothing. Incrementally, they moved along until they got to 50% of the mother’s pain, and the father felt quite well, so he told the doctor to switch the machine to 100% of the mother’s pain.

He felt alright, and the baby was born happy and healthy, but when the couple got home, they found their mailman dead on their porch.

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