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Daily Joke: Farmer and His Wife Are Watching Bulls at the Annual Farmers Market Auction

Daniella Segell
Jul 04, 2021
10:30 A.M.
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Intimacy in relationships can be a bone of contention from time to time. This joke shows that married couples have similar issues no matter who they are, even if they think they're the only ones going through it.


A farmer and his wife attended a farmer’s market auction for breeding bulls. These bulls are said to have performed well and impregnated many cows over the past year, which is why they are on the auction to be bought by farmers.

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Bull auctions are a normal part of farming life and something that farmers and their wives participate in on a yearly basis, but the conversation that this farmer and his wife had is completely unique to them.

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As this particular farmer and his wife are walking through the auction, they read the performance reviews of the horses to see which horses performed the best so that they can decide which horse to bid on.

The first bull that the couple comes across is said to have performed 50 times in the past year. The farmer’s wife nudges him and reminds him that that means that horse performed almost once weekly and says that the farmer could take a page out of the bull’s book.

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The second bull that the couple sees performed 150 times in the past year, and the wife once again nudges her husband and says that if the bull performed 150 times in the last year, then it means he performed almost three times a week.

By the time the couple arrives at the third bull, they see that he performed 365 times in the last year, and the wife is quick to remind the farmer that it means the bull performed every day in the last year.

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After keeping quiet the entire time, the farmer finally breaks his silence by uttering a single question; “Why don’t you ask him if it was the same cow every time?”

While some farmers spend their time at farmer’s market auctions looking for bulls, others prefer to spend quality time with their farm animals, and this next joke is the perfect example of that.

Brown and pink piglet | Source: Pixabay


A farmer was driving with his pig in the front seat of his truck when a police officer stopped him. The officer told him it was illegal to drive with a pig in the front of the truck and that when he reached his destination, he should take the pig to the zoo.

The farmer apologized to the officer and said he didn’t know it was illegal but assured him he would take the pig to the zoo as soon as he reached his destination. However, the same officer stopped the farmer on the way back, and the pig was once again in the front seat.

Circus scene | Source: Pixabay

After the officer asked why the pig was in the front seat, he asked why the farmer had not taken the pig to the zoo. The farmer replied that he did take the pig to the zoo, and the pig loved it so much that he was taking it to the circus next.