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Rude Man Humiliates Old Man at Parking Lot, Karma Hits Back – Subscriber Story

Sonali Bharadwaj
Jun 30, 2021
10:00 P.M.
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One day, while exiting the parking lot, Tom’s car got scratched by an old man’s car. Although both parties incurred damage, Tom quickly lost his cool and slammed the old man for what he’d done. Later, karma made Tom learn a lesson the hard way, and he regretted insulting the old man.


Tom had recently started a new job at a big company. Since he was quite hardworking, it didn’t take him long to crack major deals and add more zeros to his salary.

Tom felt proud for accomplishing so much in a short period of time and decided to reward himself with a brand new car. He went to one of the most expensive car stores in town and purchased a stunning, black, and glistening BMW.

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When he brought the car to work the next day, none of his colleagues could take their eyes off it. Tom spent the entire day bragging about how as soon as he walked into the store, his gaze was drawn to this model. Sadly though, that very evening, his car got scratched by tan older man’s car, and Tom couldn’t contain his anger.

“Are you out of your mind?” Tom shouted angrily after looking at the scratch on his new BMW.

“I’m so sorry. I really didn’t see your car coming.” the older man said as he got down from the car.

Tom gave the old man a stern glance from head to toe and then looked at his car. The old man’s car seemed cheap, so Tom quickly understood that he had the advantage in this situation. “Sorry, my foot! Do you even know how much the car costs, you poor creep!” Tom said, his voice firmer than the previous time.


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“But Sir, your headlights … you didn’t turn them on. How would I know if a car was coming?” the older man said modestly.


“So, are you saying all of this is my fault?” Tom screamed at the top of his voice and began clenching his fist.

The old man got scared. “Sir, I understand your car is damaged. I'm really sorry. I promise I’ll pay for the damages.”

“You really think... you idiot...” Tom started angrily, then abruptly changed his tone. “Oh, no, it's alright; it's just a minor scratch. I’m sorry for bothering you.” The old man was confused. He couldn’t understand how Tom went from being an angry young man to a humble person suddenly.

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Meanwhile, a woman tapped the old man’s shoulder from behind and asked, "Is everything alright?"

Before he could say anything, Tom replied, “Oh, Jane. How come you’re here? I thought you were taking the bus today.”

The old man quickly realized the reason behind Tom’s sudden mood change.

“Yes, I was supposed to. But then I heard you screaming, so I came to check if everything was okay,” Jane explained.

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“Yeah, everything is fine. Don't worry,” Tom said, trying his best to pretend as if nothing had happened.

Jane was Tom’s colleague, and he liked her a lot. He didn’t want to create a bad impression in front of her, so he agreed to let the old man go. However, when the old man was leaving, Tom went to him and warned him, “If I see you again, I swear...”

The elderly gentleman nodded and walked away hurriedly.

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The next day, Tom was called to the CEO’s office. “Yes, I am finally getting the best employee award,” he thought happily. But when he opened the door, he was taken aback!

The old man from yesterday was standing next to the company’s CEO. “My name is Robert Frisk, and I’m the co-owner of this company. Here’s the money I owe you for car repair”, said the old man. There was an envelope on the table.

As Tom approached the table to collect the envelope, Robert asked, “Do you know the number one value of this company, Mr. Tom?”. Tom tried to think. “Treat everyone with respect?” he finally remembered.

“Exactly. And you failed to do that,” the old man replied.


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“I’m sorry, Sir. I will never repeat it,” Tom apologized.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Tom, but you’re fired. Both the repair money and your termination letter are in the envelope.”


In the end, Tom got what he deserved.

So what do we learn from this story?

1. Don’t judge a person by their looks. Tom made a snide remark about the old man's car and insulted him just because the car seemed cheap.

2. Act according to your principles. Despite Tom’s rude behavior, the old man didn’t lose his calm and tried to resolve the matter calmly.

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