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Daily Joke: A Hunter and a Farmer Decide Who Gets the Shot Duck

Laura Beatham
Jul 04, 2021
01:45 A.M.
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Today's jokes are focused on a few hilarious situations that happened to a few farmers, including a situation with a duck hunter, a watermelon patch, and the possibility of winning a Nobel Prize.



A man was out hunting when he shot a duck from across the river. The duck landed in a field, so the man went to fetch his kill. When he reached the field, a farmer said, "That is my duck. It landed on my property."

The hunter said, "No, it is mine. I shot it." The farmer responded, "Well, around here, we have a tradition. We will compete for the duck and whoever wins gets to keep it. "

A close up of a duck. | Photo: Pixabay/9883074


"Okay, how does it work?" asked the hunter.

"We each get to kick each other three times, and whoever wins keeps the duck. As the landowner, it is a tradition that I get to go first," explained the farmer.

The hunter agreed and readied himself for the farmer's first kick which landed on his knee. As he fell to the ground, the farmer kicked him in the head. Lying in pain, the farmer kicked him in his stomach for his third and final attempt.

While the hunter staggered to his feet, he said, "Okay, it is my turn now." The farm then laughed and said, "No, you can keep the duck."



A small-town farmer had an award-winning watermelon patch. One day, he noticed that a group of children would appear at night and eat the gorgeous watermelons he had worked so hard to grow.


The farmer tried to think of ways to discourage the greedy children from eating his fruits. So he put up a sign that read: "WARNING: ONE OF THESE WATERMELONS CONTAIN CYANIDE!"


That evening, the farmer saw the group of children walk to the patch. After they read the sign, they turned and walked away. The farmer was elated that his sign had worked.

The next day, he went to his watermelon patch to prune and harvest his prized melons. He noticed that another sign was taped to his sign, and it read: "NOW THERE ARE TWO."



A man was driving down a country road when he noticed a farmer standing out in his field. The man pulled over to the side of the road, but the farmer was still standing in the field, doing nothing and looking at nothing.

The man then walked all the way to the farmer and said, "Excuse me, sir, but what are you doing?" The farmer responded, "Well, I am trying to win a Nobel Prize." The man was very confused by the farmer's answers.

The man then asked, "What do you mean? How would you win a Nobel Prize?" The farmer looked at the man and said, "Well, I hear they give them to people who stand out in their field."

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