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Daily Joke: Resourceful Millionaire Takes a $5,000 Loan from a Bank before Going to Europe

Laura Beatham
Jul 04, 2021
05:00 P.M.
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Today's jokes are about two millionaires who tried to crack the system. One was successful, while the other was not successful in his plan to beat the system.


A $5,000 LOAN

A resourceful millionaire decided to take a loan out before he went on a two-week trip to Europe. He went to a New York City bank and asked the teller for an immediate loan of $5,000.

The teller said, "I will need some collateral to approve that request." The millionaire responded, "Okay, you can keep my Rolls-Royce," and he handed the teller his keys.

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The bank teller agreed, and gave the man $5,000, while his fancy car was driven into the bank's underground parking. The millionaire then went on his two-week trip and when he returned, he went back to the bank.

He said to the teller, "I would like to pay the loan so I can have my car back." The teller looked at his records and said, "Okay, I will need $5,000 and $15.40 in interest."


The millionaire wrote up the check and thanked the teller. As he was leaving, the teller asked, "I found out you are a millionaire, so I have to ask, why did you need the $5,000 loan?"

The millionaire started laughing and said, "Well, where else in New York could I securely store my Rolls-Royce for two weeks and only pay $15.40?"



A millionaire who liked gambling was on a plane. He thought the young student next to him looked dumb, so he said to his fellow traveler, "Hey let's play a game. I'll ask you a question, and if you cannot answer you pay me $5. Then, you ask me a question, and if I cannot answer I will give you $1,000."

The student agreed and so the man asked him who the first president of the United States was. The student did not know that answer, so he paid the millionaire $5.

The student then asked his question, "What goes up a hill with three legs, but comes down with four?" The millionaire couldn't think of an answer.


But he did not want to pay the student $1,000, so he spent the rest of the plane journey trying to figure it out. He messaged friends and tried to search for an answer on the internet but he could not figure out the answer.

When the plane landed, he still did not have an answer, so he paid the student $1,000. As they were walking through the terminal, the millionaire said, "So, what was the answer?" The student gave him $5 and walked away.

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