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Young Businessman Gets Sweet Revenge on His Boss – Subscriber Story

Bettina Dizon
Jul 05, 2021
07:45 A.M.
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Lawrence was doing well in his job. This threatened his boss thinking that the young man would replace him. After plotting against Lawrence, the boss faced his karma.


When Lawrence was five years old, his parents, Brandon and Elise, noticed he had a unique gift. He was intelligent and conversed with adults in straight English, with nearly any grammatical errors.

Soon, the young boy went on to impress his teachers in school, excelling in mathematics and science. He accelerated as years went by and left his classmates far behind. At a young age, he discovered that he was particularly good with computers.

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Young as he was, Lawrence understood how to code and the ins and outs of software. He was a child protege, and many were interested in grooming him into becoming a tech professional.

But at fourteen years old, Lawrence was diagnosed with leukemia. It was a terrible form of cancer that quickly depleted his energy and changed his appearance. Learning from the hospital became impossible.

Those who once believed in him did not bother to help the lad, thinking he would lose the battle with cancer. But his parents had high hopes. Their son was a fighter, so they stood by him through all the chemotherapy sessions and other treatments.


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Soon, money became an issue as funds ran out. Brandon got another job to pay for the hospital bills, while Elise worked remotely to take care of their son.


After a three-year battle, Lawrence beat the awful disease. He soon gained the strength to return to school, but a lot had already been lost. His parents were in debt from all the medical bills, and Lawrence was no longer ahead of his peers, so he simply did his best in school.

Although he excelled academically, Lawrence was no longer a child protege, which did not give him a competitive advantage over others. As soon as he finished college, he vowed to do everything to succeed in his career and make his parents proud.

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The first job Lawrence landed was at an e-commerce company with a variety of merchants selling products on its platform. He entered as a data analyst and quickly learned the job well.

Lawrence impressed his team with his ability to pick things up quickly despite the steep learning curve. Within two years, Lawrence was promoted to a managerial position, which made his parents very proud.

His senior manager was equally impressed and wanted him to excel even more, so he mentored him every day with work and personal matters. Soon, the director for data and analytics, Emil, heard about Lawrence's quick progression.

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Like everyone, he was impressed with the man, but after a few months realized that Lawrence was quickly catching up to his position. Afraid that Lawrence would one day take his position, Emil dumped all the complex tasks on the recently promoted analyst.

Emil particularly gave Lawrence tasks that required overtime work and analytics problems that were nearly impossible to solve, but instead of draining his energy, Lawrence was more challenged to work and submitted excellent outputs each time.

Instead of making him look like a failure, Emil accelerated Lawrence's growth and promotion in the company. After another two years, Lawrence was promoted to senior manager.


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At this point, he was only one rank lower than Emil, who had been with the company for twelve years. Threatened by Lawrence, Emil decided to take action to get him fired. While Lawrence was out on lunch break, Emil logged in to his computer and sent data to random people.


Data breach meant an automatic termination for Lawrence, so the company had to let him go despite his progress. With his tarnished reputation, finding another job became difficult as no one trusted him.

At one point, Lawrence lost all hope and apologized to his parents for being a failure, but instead of showing disappointment, his father sat him down and cheered him up.

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"My son," he began, "don't you forget, you are an intelligent man. You have shown signs of greatness and excellence since you were a child. This is just a small setback. Go make a major comeback."

Lawrence was motivated by his father's words and knew that he was destined for great things -- and if no one wanted to take a chance on him, he'd just take a chance on himself.

Working at the e-commerce company allowed Lawrence to know their business model and the ins and outs of operating the business. Since he was in analytics, he knew more than enough data to make wise decisions.

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With the savings he had, Lawrence hired a team of experts and built his own e-commerce company. The first two years were a struggle, but in the third year, the company took off.

By his fifth year, Lawrence's company gained recognition in different markets and using his former reputation as a child tech protege, many wanted to work with him.

Another five years quickly passed, and by this time, Lawrence's company became a direct competitor of his former employer's company. One day, while on a business trip in a different city, Lawrence bumped into the CEO of his previous company, Mr. Jameson.

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Mr. Jameson invited his competition for a warm cup of coffee. Lawrence thought that he would be scolded for going against his former employer.

Instead, Mr. Jameson said: "I am so proud of you, young man. You outdid yourself, and I am happy that you started with our company. It was a pity that we lost you, but if I may ask, how could a smart man like you be responsible for such a data breach?"

"To be honest Mr. Jameson, I didn't do it. However, I know the man who framed me. You see, I have a software installed in my laptop that automatically takes a photo with the camera every time someone logs in," Lawrence replied.


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"I did not want to get someone who worked for over a decade to reach his position in trouble and out of a job, so I kept quiet," he added. Mr. Jameson asked no further questions, but he asked for the CCTV footage during the data breach incident to be retrieved the following week.


As soon as he saw the man responsible, Mr. Jameson fired him. Emil's reputation was tarnished after, and no employer accepted him, including Lawrence.

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A good mentor should be proud that his mentee is doing well.

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