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Daily Joke: Woman Meets a Handsome Man in the Park

Laura Beatham
Jul 05, 2021
08:30 P.M.
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Today's joke is about a match made in heaven. A couple met in a park and started discussing all the things they had in common, their favorite band, favorite author, and... favorite fruit.


A woman was walking through the park when she saw a handsome man sitting on a park bench. He was reading a book while eating fruit out of a plastic container. Finally, she gathered the courage to ask the man out.

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She walked over to him and sat next to him. She turned toward him and said, "Sorry to disturb you. I know this might seem a bit forward, but I would love to grab a drink with you sometime."

Empty park benches. | Photo: Pixabay/Ahmad Ardity


The man was very flattered, but he said, "Of course, but what makes you think we would get along so well?" The woman responded, "Well, there are a few things I noticed about you that made me think we have a lot in common."

"Firstly, you are wearing an Iron Maiden T-shirt. They are my favorite band of all time. In fact, when they had their reunion tour in 1999, my parents took me to see it. I was only 12 years old, but they became my favorite band from that moment."


The man could not believe it as he responded, "I saw them at their '99 reunion concert too. It was the first concert I had gone to on my own. My best friend, Jimmy, and I told our parents we were sleeping having a sleepover, but instead, we snuck out and had the best night of our lives."

They were both amazed. The woman said, "Well, I also notice you are reading Mark Twain. I was a communications major at university, and I actually wrote my thesis on Mark Twain and how he used satire as a lens to comment on current events of the time. He is my favorite author."


The man was very taken aback, "No way! I was an English major in university. I specialized in 19th American literature, and this is my fifth time reading Tom Sawyer. I love Mark Twain."

The pair could not believe how much they had in common. It had to be a match made in heaven. The woman continued, "Well, buckle up because there is more. I noticed you are eating a prune.


"Prunes are my favorite fruit, and they mean so much to me. As a kid, my grandfather lived on a farm. He grew all sorts of fruits and vegetables, but he knew how much my sister and I loved prunes, so he kept a couple of plum trees.

"We would harvest the plums in the summer, and when we went back to his farm for Thanksgiving, he would always have those prunes saved just for us. I absolutely love prunes, and you are eating a prune."

"This really has got to be fate. What do you say?" The man looks at his fruit, puts it down on the bench, and says, "It's a date!"