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Woman Crashes into Car While Texting on a Motorbike but Continues Texting

Brittany Chalmers
Jul 02, 2021
11:00 P.M.
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A woman was involved in an accident because she was texting and driving. Her motorbike crashed straight into an approaching car, but instead of jumping up to assess the damage, she continued to text while lying down on the street!


This perplexing video showed what this woman's priorities were ... certainly not her safety. She was more concerned about getting another text message out than looking at the damage she caused.

In her attempt to text and drive, she created a chaotic day for herself and the other people involved. But despite this misdemeanor, it was her reaction that truly created confusion.

Woman texts in the middle of an accident scene | Photo: Reddit/Whatcouldgowrong



This woman took "texting and driving" to a whole new level. She perfected what it looked like to be caught "texting and crashing." Unbelievably, within seconds of her road accident, she reached for her phone.

But, she does not use it to make any emergency phone calls. Instead, it seemed as if she was completing the text she had been typing initially ... the text that caused the crash!



Many commentators did not react to the video as expected. They did not condemn her actions outright. They took a more comical approach and added sarcastic remarks.

One user jokingly shared a comment to indicate what she could be texting someone, “Let me text you back got into an accident lol.” While another added, "Amazing how she continues to text while laying on the street."

Woman texts in the middle of an accident scene | Photo: Reddit/Whatcouldgowrong



Using your phone while behind the wheel of a car or the handles of a motorbike can limit your ability to drive. Despite this, many people still do it. A similar incident occurred in Phuket, Thailand.



of a woman driving her motorbike while texting was shared online. She did not crash, but she had a child with her, and consequently, she put them both in great danger.

Woman texts while driving, causing an accident | Photo: Reddit/Whatcouldgowrong



At one point in the video, she removed her hands from the bike's handles completely. Her attention was solely dedicated to the phone and not the road in front of her. These videos are often sources of comedy, but the opposite is also true.

Using the phone while driving has led to great tragedy for many families around the world. The outcome of an accident is not always as forgiving as it was for the lady who continued to text after her crash.

Woman in the middle of an accident scene | Photo: Reddit/Whatcouldgowrong



To make matters worse, in both videos, neither of the women wore helmets. This is irresponsible behavior, especially while riding their bikes on busy roads or with children.

It is imperative to put safety first and avoid unnecessary risks. Texting and driving should never be taken lightly, and people should be encouraged to leave their cellular devices off or in their bags while behind the wheel or handles of a motor vehicle.


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