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Kid Is Forced to Leave School Because of Fat Shaming, He Teaches His Bully a Lesson Later – Subscriber Story

Camila Santiago
Jul 07, 2021
08:00 P.M.
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Collin is a chubby boy who gets constantly bullied at school. He convinces his mom to change schools. But one day he teaches his bully a lesson.


He begins, "I was walking down the hall, going to class and Jay bumped into me and made me drop my books all over the floor, and he said, 'What's wrong with you big-boned?"

Collin continues, teared-eyed, " and I begged him, Jay, please don't do that... but he didn't... he stepped on my books and said 'alright, mate, now pick those up and get the hell out of here, Captain chunk!"

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Collin moved to America when he was just 5 years old. His family is from the suburbs of Northern Ireland but his mom decided to go to America to get a new life after a painful divorce and the loss of her father.

The boy had a hard time trying to adapt to his new home. And even after a few years living in the US, he had no friends and got constantly bullied at school because of his appearance and his strong Irish accent.

The boys, every now and then, would steal the little money Collin got from his mom to buy lunch. Jay, the group leader, constantly harrassed him calling him names like fatso, and big-boned.

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It’s hard for a teen who just wants to live a normal life and have friends to be bullied on a daily basis. The only friend Collin had was Chris, an African-American boy who was also a victim of bullies.

After so many years of suffering, Collin snaps. And he finally opens his heart to his mom. “Mom, I don’t want to continue on this school anymore,” he shares with a sad face, “all the boys are mocking me, calling me and Chris names…” Collin starts to recall what has just happened to him earlier...

He begins, "I was walking down the hall, going to class and Jay bumped into me and made me drop my books all over the floor, and he said, 'What's wrong with you big-boned? Is the fat affecting your ginger fat brain?'


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Collin continues, teared-eyed, "And I begged him, Jay, please don't do that... but he didn't... he stepped on my books and said 'alright, mate, now pick those up and get the hell out of here, Captain chunk!"


Collin is visibly moved, "and today was the last straw... It was so embarrassing, mom," says the boy, sobbing.

Ceara is a compassionate mother and she knows how tough things are for her son. “Oh darling, I’m so sorry to hear that. What can I do to help you? Should I speak with the principal?”

“I don’t think this is going to work. I’d rather change school,” says the boy.

“Are you sure? Can you at least finish the semester while we look for another school? Is that okay for you?”

“Yes, thanks, mom.”


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“Collin,” she looked at him with tender eyes, “don’t let this thing affect you. You’re an incredible and smart boy and those kids don’t know what they’re doing. You can always count on me, you know that, right?”


Ceara kept her promise and found Collin another school and the boy, heeding his mother, was motivated by her words and decided to not let the bullying affect him.

One day, he looked in the mirror and said, “One day I’m gonna prove them all wrong. I’ll be a champion! They’ll see...” So he started to take boxing classes and immediately fell in love with the sport.

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It was the motivation Collin needed. His mom was quite supportive and took him to tournaments and championships. She bought him all the pieces of equipment he needed.

He lost weight, gained muscle, and dreamed of becoming a champion, and most important of all, he became self-confident. The chubby and bashful kid was long gone. Collin had grown into a strong and confident man. And the boy was talented too.

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Collin was ready to compete in bigger tournaments. But they cost money and his mom was broke. “Mom, there’s this tournament happening in two months. I need to be there. The prize is $2,000 for the winner and I’m gonna give you this money. But I need to pay $200 for the registration fee.”

“Collin, I don’t have this money now… When do you need it?”

“The registration closes in three days.”

“Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?” she asked him.

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“Because I didn’t know…”

“All right, I’ll see if I can ask for an advance at work.”

The next day, Ceara got the money. “Here’s the money you asked. But I’m in the red so you’d better win this tournament!”

“Roger that!” said Collin. From that day on, he started training 4 to 6 hours a day every day, even on weekends.

One day, after training for almost 8 hours, Collin decided to walk home. Normally he takes the night bus, but today “I need some fresh air,” he said to himself.

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It’s a typical December evening, and it’s cold. He passes by a dangerous area of his neighborhood and he sees a guy being attacked by two criminals.

“Please, don’t hurt me, here’s my wallet, you can take it!” says the guy, trembling.

“Give me your phone! Come on, give me your goddamn phone!”

Collin sees what’s going on and goes to the guy’s rescue. "Step away from the guy if you don't want to deal with the boxing state champion", says Collin, running towards the criminals. The criminals get scared and run away.

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But when Collin comes closer, he sees a familiar face. It turns out that the guy he saved was one of his bullies and they recognize each other.

The saved guy says, "Thank God you didn't recognize me, otherwise, you wouldn't have saved me."

“I knew it was you. I recognized you from afar, Jay. And no, I didn’t think twice when I came to save you. I’d do the same for any other person.”

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“Oh dude, thank you so much,” said Jay, feeling ashamed, “I’m sorry about what I did to you back at school.”

What can we learn from this story?

  1. Don’t judge people by their appearance. What goes around comes around. Karma hit back at the bully and Collin showed him he was the better person with a good heart by saving Jay regardless of what he’d done to Collin.
  2. Do good without looking at who you're helping. Collin has a big and compassionate heart and he helped someone who made him suffer when he was a kid. But he left the past in the past and forgave him.

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