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Arrogant Son Refuses to Spend Time with Dad, Regrets It Later - Subscriber Story

Bettina Dizon
Jul 05, 2021
10:00 A.M.
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Jake grew up loving video games to the point that he no longer minded his parents and spent time with them. One time, his father invited him to go on a fishing trip, but he refused. Within hours, he wished he said yes.


After tying the knot, Jenny and Curt wanted to have a family that would be close to each other. Within months, the couple found out that Jenny was pregnant with their first child -- a son they wanted to name Jake.

Together, they prepared for parenthood and read books about parenting, so when Jake was born, they knew what to do. Jake quickly became the center of their lives and grew close to his parents.

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Every day the small family would have a bonding activity that brought happiness into their household. When Jake was four years old, Jenny and Curt realized that it was time to give their little one a sibling to play with.

However, Jenny had difficulty conceiving and was later diagnosed with ovarian cancer. It was a terrible moment in their lives, but luckily, she overcame the life-threatening disease.

With the great news came a sad one -- she could no longer have children. Although devastated, her husband always said, “You’re well and healthy, and that is all that matters. We have Jake. He is more than enough.”

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As Jake was their only child, Jenny and Curt wanted to give their son everything they could, including material items, love, and attention. Naturally, the boy grew up to be spoiled and this greatly influenced his character.

When he was in his mid-teenage years, Jake obsessed over video games. His parents bought him every console a boy could ever dream of, but as a result, he drifted further from them.

At times, the boy would skip family meals to play all day long and meet new friends through different games. Although quite sad, his parents understood the needs of a teenager and gave Jake space to grow.

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But as time passed, Jake’s attitude toward his parents changed. He was arrogant and showed irritation every time they would ask for family time. Out of love, Jenny and Curt tried not to annoy their child.

Jake dodged many things, including household chores, family dinners, and sometimes even celebrations. He would always tell his parents that he had an important game with his teammates, which he could not miss.

One day, Curt asked his now-17-year-old son to go on a weekend fishing trip. “Hey Jake,” he started while his son was playing another video game. “Why don’t we go on a fishing trip this weekend like old times?”


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Jake did not bat an eye and focused on his game, but his father continued talking. “We can take the scenic road instead of the main one! What do you think, huh? Just you and me?” he joyfully said. Jake let out a big sigh and replied:


“Dad, can’t you see I’m playing? I’m going to lose because of you. I don’t wanna go fishing.”

Disappointed, Curt left the room and went on the fishing trip by himself. Instead of taking the scenic road, he took the usual route filled with trucks and cars.

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Later that day, Jenny received a call from the hospital. “Hello, ma’am. This is nurse Bonnie from St. John’s hospital. Your husband was part of a road accident this morning and is now undergoing emergency surgery. Kindly come as soon as you can,” she said.

Jenny nearly fainted from the phone call and immediately rushed to the hospital with Jake. When they got to the intensive care unit, Curt was lying down with several wounds all over his body.

Jenny ran to the bed and cried as the doctor explained that her husband was severely injured and had not woken up. However, they performed the needed surgery and wereb waiting to see how his body reacts to it.


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Sadly, Curt did not wake up the entire day, which only worried his wife and son more. Jake regretted not going on the fishing trip with his dad and felt like the accident wouldn’t have happened had he been kinder.


That night, Jake fell asleep by the bed, holding his father’s hand. When he woke up, Curt was already awake and smiling at his son. Jake rushed to hug his father as tears streamed down his face.

“I’m so sorry, dad,” he said. “I’m sorry for being a bad son and not realizing how every moment is important. I love you so much, and I really do want to go fishing with you.”

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Curt smiled and hugged his son. With the motivation to have a bonding weekend with Jake, Curt quickly recovered and was allowed to go home. Three weeks later, the father and son went on their much-awaited fishing trip.

What can we learn from this story?

1. Never take your parents for granted.

2. Spend time with your loved ones while you can because you never know when your last moment with them will be.

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