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Fans Concerned as Vaccinated Kate Middleton Goes Into Self-Isolation After Contact With COVID-Positive Person

Joe Akins
Jul 05, 2021
11:48 A.M.
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Growing tension prevails within the royal family, the United Kingdom, and netizens as Kate Middleton undergoes self-isolation amid the COVID-19 scare.


The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton began self-isolating over the weekend after reportedly coming in contact with a coronavirus-infected person over the weekend. Her move to self-isolate was in adherence to the standing protocols in place to curtail the pandemic.

However, many deem the procedure unnecessary as the Duchess already tested negative for the virus at least twice in the last week, and have received both COVID vaccinations.

Kate Middleton visiting the "D-Day: Interception, Intelligence, Invasion" exhibition at Bletchley Park, 2019, England | Photo: Getty Images



Reports show that the Duchess visited Wimbledon days ago, where she likely came in contact with an infected person during her official engagement. She received news of the possible contact on Friday afternoon, as per a tweet by royal correspondent Rebecca English.

Like the exemplary leader she had always been, the 39-year-old immediately embarked on the mandatory 10-days quarantine period imposed by the country.


The rule requires her to go through the period of self-isolation, whether or not she tests positive. In addition to completing her COVID-19 vaccination, Middleton has tested negative up to four times in the last seven days, which leaves many questioning the necessity of her self-isolation.

English also reported that the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William had no cause to self-isolate, but will engage in socially distanced activities nonetheless.


In a statement, Kensington Palace disclosed the news, saying the Duchess came in contact with someone who tested positive for the virus.

The statement also clarified the mom-of-three hasn’t shown symptoms so far but remained determined to follow all relevant government guidelines.

The government has since faced growing pressures to scrap the rules or relax them at the very least, on those who already received the double-vaccination prior to COVID-exposure.



Since the news broke, netizens have expressed concerns about Kate Middleton’s health, with most grateful she already received complete vaccination.

One expressed surprise over the Duchess’s presence at Wimbledon, while another sympathized with Middleton while praying for a positive outcome. A fan commended the Duchess’ efforts to adhere to the rules.

Others joined the outpouring of good wishes, extending words of encouragement to “Her Royal Highness” and the rest of the royals. Many also wished her well, expressing sadness over the royalties’ plight.



Amid the pandemic, the Duchess is unwilling to hold still in her quest to encourage and support the UK citizens as they navigate the disheartening era. The Duchess took a giant leap in her ongoing project, “Hold Still” on May 7, by launching a special photo book.

Plans for the launch began gearing up last year, at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic. Collaborating with the National Portrait Gallery, she urged citizens to submit photo representations of their lives during the pandemic.


Eventually, Middleton selected 100 finalists among 31,000 submissions and displayed them through a digital exhibition. In March, she announced intentions to turn the photos into the pandemic photo project book titled “Hold Still: A Portrait of Our Nation in 2020.”

Ahead of its launch, the royal hit the streets of London to hide 150 copies of the book around the U.K, as part of a national treasure hunt.

Lucky winners who found the specially hidden copies discovered special treats like a gold book fairy sticker, a gold ribbon, and a handwritten letter from the Duchess.



Prior to the book launch, Middleton endeavored to forge a connection with the 100 finalists in the Hold Still photography project.

Since the onset of the project, Middleton has spoken to several of the finalists over the phone, in a bid to appreciate their contributions. The move has led her to connect with some of the participants on deeper levels.

During her conversation with one of the finalists, Hayley Evans, who sent in pictures of her grandparents holding hands on their hospital beds, Kate promised to uphold the memories of the two senior citizens, who eventually passed away from the virus.


Another finalist Jason Baird submitted a photo of him dressed as Spider-Man to cheer up children during the lockdown. Middleton commended the martial arts teacher for portraying such a “wonderful, positive image of community spirit.”

The Duchess also shared her phone conversation with a mom, Ceri A. Edwards. Edwards’ submission featured a photo of her daughter Poppy wrapped in an embrace with her dad, Mark who worked as a paramedic throughout the pandemic.

The photo somehow resurrected a special comradery between the two moms, who had lots of relatable experiences with their kids amid the crisis.

After spending the past year reaching out to citizens of the United Kingdom and bringing hope to many households, the world is eager to support the Duchess through her latest crisis.