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Driver Parks Car on a Railway Track, Causes Huge Accident

Jené Liebenberg
Jul 07, 2021
11:30 A.M.
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A driver stopped their car on the railway crossing without realizing what the repercussions could be. A train crashed into the parked vehicle leaving the driver with serious injuries.


A Luxembourg driver, whose gender is indistinguishable in the footage, parked their car in the middle of a railway, and a few minutes later, a train crashed into the vehicle at top speed, causing a massive accident.

The video shows the car parked on the tracks, and the driver gets out a few moments before a train comes along and crashes into the side of the car, dragging it along with the train at top speed.

Screenshot of video showing train crash. | Source: reddit.com/Gizmolux



RTL Today reported that the crash took place on Rue de Mamer, leaving the driver of the car with injuries despite managing to escape the brunt of the crash. The vehicle involved was left as crumpled remains after the accident.

This isn't the first serious train crash that Pakistan has seen with many raising concern about the railway safety of the country.

The footage showing the accident also revealed that the crossing gate and train sustained damage in the ordeal. The 34 passengers that were on the train at the time of the crash were not harmed and left uninjured.



In the aftermath of the horrific accident, the authorities have warned other drivers in the area to steer clear of the area where the accident occurred while they investigate and repair the damages.


The video was also shared on Reddit, where it has racked up almost 300 views, and users have left 99 comments, mostly questioning the logic of the driver of the car. One user wrote:

"I mean, she only got out of harms way with 2 seconds before the train arrived? Was she thinking the train driver would bring the train to a halt? Some people are too stupid for words."

Screenshot of video showing the car crumpled after it crashed with the train. | Source: RTL Today



Other Reddit users shared that they have seen many other people who were impatient with the crossing barrier just as this driver was and that everyone should regard this accident as a warning about how serious train accidents could be.

One user shared that they used to be the individuals who became frustrated with the barriers that stayed down for too long, but the ordeal has changed their perspective. The comment reads:

"My way to the doctors is through that barrier. I always get mad that those barriers are down WAY [TOO] LONG. Apparently, I was wrong, they aren't down long enough."



Luxembourg isn't the only place that has suffered serious train accidents recently. In Southern Pakistan, two trains collided last month, taking the lives of at least 35 people in the process.

The accident took place in the Sindhi province with the deputy commissioner, Usman Abdullah, sharing that the Millat Express train derailed, which put it in the way of the Sir Syed Express train, and the two trains crashed.


The cause of the collision is not yet clear, but more than 20 passengers remained trapped in the wreckage overnight as local villagers tried to save people who were desperately crying from within the train.

This isn't the first serious train crash that Pakistan has seen, with many raising concerns about the country's railway safety. Over the last few years, there have been numerous accidents that have resulted in deaths.


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