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HGTV's Erin Napier's Fans Thrilled with Toddler Helen Dancing Again: 'Leg Healed Perfectly'

Joe Akins
Jul 07, 2021
05:00 A.M.
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Erin Napier thrilled her fans with an adorable video of her daughter Helen dancing again a few months after breaking her legs. Fans are glad that her leg is healed.


Seeing Erin Napier and her family on TV has been a source of thrill for her fans. Erin, alongside her husband Ben, makes home decorating fun. For most fans, the couple is one of the best in reality business.

Earlier this year, Erin revealed that her daughter Helen suffered a horrific leg injury that required doctors to work on her legs. However, the reality star’s recent Instagram video has assured fans of Helen’s health.

Erin Napier during the Build Series to discuss the new season of "Home Town" at Build Studio on January 08, 2020 in New York City | Photo: Getty Images



Erin thrilled her fans with a new video of Helen dancing excitedly, showing how strong her legs have become since her injury. Erin captioned the post:

“Watching the cupcakes we just made rise in the oven with entertainment provided by H.”

The post gathered comments from over two thousand fans and was viewed by more than five hundred followers. Each fan expressed their happiness in seeing Helen fully back on her feet.


One fan noted that she was so glad that Helen’s leg has healed and was glad to see her dancing, while a second wrote, “looks like her leg healed perfectly.”

A third fan commented, “her leg must be better. Love the happy cupcake dance." Another fan gushed over Helen’s growth, noting how grownup she looked.

Fans comment under a video posted by Erin Napier on Instagram | Photo: Instagram/erinapier



After her scary injury, Helen had her leg rebroken by doctors. Erin shared a picture of Helen’s leg covered in a pink cast. The television star thanked her fans for their good wishes and kind messages.

Erin praised her father, a physical therapist, for pushing the family to see the orthopedist after suspecting that something was wrong with the X-ray and Helen’s leg was not healing properly.

Helen’s injury happened during a fun time out in the park, which led to a broken tibia and fibula after she took a wrong step at the end of a slide. Erin noted that she felt grateful for the enormous support from friends and family.


Fans comment under a video posted by Erin Napier on Instagram | Photo: Instagram/erinapier


As a rule, Erin and Ben don’t feature their daughters on their HGTV series or show her face on social media in their many family posts. In a post, Erin revealed that they plan to keep their daughter away from the screen for as long as possible.


The couple, who are two of HGTV's biggest stars, revealed that they want to raise their daughter a normal way, away from the spotlight, and give her the best experience they possibly can.

Fans comment under a video posted by Erin Napier on Instagram | Photo: Instagram/erinapier


The college sweethearts want to ensure their daughters experience the same magical childhood they had as children. Erin noted in a post that they are grateful to everyone who supports their show but does not feel Helen owes anyone anything.

Recently, the longtime lovers welcomed their second child, their daughter Mae Napier. The lovebirds gushed over their growing family, noting how excited they are to see their girls bond.

In April, Erin and Ben warmed their fans up with the big news that they were expecting another child. The couple had kept the news within their close friends and family for eight months before going public.



Aside from their ability to work magic with homes, Erin and Ben are popular for their incredible love story. The duo fell in love while in college and have since maintained their sweet romance.

Although they have a busy life and a successful show, the couple has ensured to make their family

their priority

. They cherish every memory because, according to them, nothing is worth is missing out on.


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