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Rude Woman Shames Single Mom, Regrets It Immediately - Story of the Day

Sonali Bharadwaj
Jul 09, 2021
10:00 P.M.
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A rude lady shamed a woman for being a single mother. Not long after, she regretted her actions when karma made her learn a lesson the hard way.


Claire Miles and Amy Peterson were watching their son’s basketball game at school. Amy’s son, Trevor, was a professional basketball player, and every time he made a basket, Amy would exclaim gleefully, “Oh God, just look at him. He’s so good. No one in this world can beat him!”

On the other hand, Claire’s son, Mathew, was an average player, but he played well and scored the most baskets in his team. However, at the end of the match, Trevor’s team was declared the winner.

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After Trevor’s tremendous victory, Amy kept bragging about her son to other ladies, while Claire went to her son and embraced him. “You did a great job, Mathew. I’m proud of you.”

Mathew smiled. “Thanks, mom, but did you see Trevor? He was so good! I hope I can be as amazing as him one day.”

“Yes, honey, you will become a great player one day,” Amy replied with a smile. “Actually, why don’t you guys become friends? I’ll ask Trevor if he can come to our home and practice with you. What’s say?” she continued.

“Are you serious, mom?” That would be amazing!” Mathew responded enthusiastically.


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Meanwhile, Amy was listening intently to Claire and Mathew. When she noticed they were about to leave, she went up to them and said, “Thanks for complimenting my son. I know he’s the best player. But he has his practice sessions, and he can’t make time for teaching average players.”


“Well, that’s perfectly fine, Mrs. Peterson. We completely understand if Trevor has a hectic schedule,” Claire replied with a smile.

Amy rolled her eyes. “Yeah, whatever! Anyway, please excuse me. I have to call my husband and tell him that our son won the match today.”

“Oh, sure. We were leaving anyway. It was nice meeting you,” Claire replied and was about to leave when Amy stopped her. “Umm... Aren’t you going to call your husband and tell him how his son performed today? Or wait, does he not care about his average son?” she asked Claire mockingly.

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Claire smiled awkwardly at her. “Well, I don’t have a husband, Mrs. Peterson. He died only a few months after Mathew was born. So, I’m a single mother. ” Amy gave Claire a mocking look. “Oh, that’s sad. You know they say that children without fathers don’t turn out well. Maybe you should consider dating other men?”

“That’s not needed, Mrs. Peterson,” Claire replied, “We’re fine, and while my son is an average kid, I’ve nurtured him with the correct principles, so he’ll grow up to be a nice man.”

Amy laughed. “Yeah, most single mothers brag about that. But what happens at the end? Their children fall into the wrong company and end up ruining their lives. Do you not know more than 70% of criminals grew up without their dads?”


“Well, Mrs. Peterson, I don’t care what you or others think. I know my son, and I’m proud of him.” Claire replied confidently.

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Meanwhile, Trevor collected his award and ran to his mother. “Mom, mom. Look at my prize. I got another golden trophy.”

“Oh, Trevor. I’m so proud of you, my son,” Amy exclaimed and hugged Trevor tightly. Claire looked at them pleasantly and congratulated Trevor. Soon, Mathew also joined his mom. “Congrats, Trevor! You were amazing today. Let’s catch up someday and practice basketball. What do you think?”

“Thanks, Mathew and Mrs. Miles,” Trevor replied. “Also, as far as basketball practice is concerned, let’s do it this weekend. Will that be fine?”

“That would be amazing! I’ll come over to your place and ...” Mathew was about to complete his sentence when Amy interrupted him.


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“You don’t need to come to our house, Mathew! Trevor isn’t interested in hanging out with regular people like you. Besides, you were raised without a father. Only God knows what kind of dirty habits you have. So, stay away from my son.”


Claire was patient with Amy all this while, but at this point, she lost her cool. “Mrs. Peterson! Please mind your language. I didn’t mind when you spoke to me in a disrespectful manner. But Mathew is just a child.”

“No, Mrs. Miles. Mathew is not just a child. He’s a fatherless creep! So tell him to STAY AWAY from my son!” Amy yelled at the top of her voice and walked away. Mathew’s eyes welled up with tears. “Mom, is it so important to have a dad?”

“Don’t cry, Mat, it’s fine. Some people are rude, and they don’t know how to value others. You shouldn’t bother much about them,” Claire explained to Mathew, wiping his tears. After that, they went home.


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The next day, Claire and Amy were attending a school meeting when Claire received a call from the police station.


“Hello, is this Mrs. Miles? I’m speaking from the local police station. Your son is here, ma’am. Please come fast,” the policeman tells her.

“The police?? My son??” Claire said out loud and rushed out of the room.

“I warned her,” Amy mumbled with a smile,“ I knew her son would turn out like one of those fatherless criminals. Anyway, let me just follow her. If I get to know what exactly he did, it’ll be fun. I’ll share the story with everyone.”

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With that, Amy followed Claire, but when she arrived at the police station, she was taken back. To be more precise, she felt disoriented for a moment and tightly grasped the ends of the door. “Trevor ... Is that you? Why are you in handcuffs?” she gasped and dashed over to Trevor.

“Is he your son?” a police officer asked Amy.

“Yes, officer. But can I ask you why the hell is he in this condition? Have you lost your mind?” she told the officer angrily.

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“Well, ma’am. That’s how we treat thieves. Your son was trying to rob a store a few hours back. Thankfully, a child stopped him and called us. We were going to call you, but the mother of the child begged that we call you after they had left so that your son would not be embarrassed.”

“What the hell are you saying, officer? My son? Thief? That’s not possible,” Amy said firmly.

“Ma’am, we have several witnesses, and this is the boy who caught your son,” the officer told her, pointing towards Mathew.

Amy was stunned. She couldn’t believe that her son was trying to rob a store and it was Mathew who had caught him red-handed.


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However, that day, Amy realized that she shouldn't have talked badly about Mathew. So, in the end, she apologized to Claire and Mathew and promised herself that she would never judge people again.


What can we learn from this story?

  1. If you do wrong to others, you’ll be punished for it sooner or later. Amy mocked Claire for being a single mother and predicted that Mathew would become a thief, but in the end, it was Trevor who was caught robbing a store.
  2. Treat everyone with respect and learn to be humble. Despite Amy’s rude behavior, Claire didn’t lash out at her and always talked to her politely.

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