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Daily Joke: Guy Enthusiastically Starts Working In a Bakery

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jul 09, 2021
05:00 P.M.
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A man just got a job at a bakery and impressed his supervisor with his skill and zeal. For every task, he would do it cheerfully and produce something magical until one day when that changed.


A guy got a new job in a bakery and was handed his rota. He was pleased and his face beamed with a smile when he learned he was baking dinner roles for the day.

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His supervisor was also pleased to have added an enthusiastic team member. However, he was surprised that the new boy was so excited about such a mundane task as baking dinner rolls.

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To his manager's surprise, the new guy quickly tended to his duty and came up with something eye-catching and praise-worthy. Something the supervisor had never seen.

The next day when the guy saw the rota, he was excited that he was making wholemeal loaves. Like he did the previous day, he put a similar verve and expertise into making wholemeal loaves as he did the dinner rolls the previous day.

The next day, a Wednesday, he took one look at the words "Danish Pastry Day" on the rota and started singing the moment he saw it. Tray after tray, he produced beautifully formed and succulent Danish pastries.

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The next day, Thursday, he screamed with excitement when he found out it was doughnut day. Throughout his eight-hour shift, he produced some magical doughnuts.

But everything changed on Friday. The supervisor was disappointed with the new guy. He said to the master baker, "I don't understand it, it's his cake day and he's made barely any effort at all."

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A teenager recently got a job at a bakery, and one evening, a woman walked into the bakery and asked him how much the doughnuts cost. The teenager said he did not know, and the lady angrily left the shop.

Immediately, the manager who heard the conversation storms in and says, "You have to tell them they're fifty cents!"

The next day, an old man walked into the bakery and asked for the cost of the doughnuts. The teenager said it was fifty cents.

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The old man then asked if they were fresh, and the silly teenager said he did not know. So the old man left, and the manager walked in and yelled, "You have to say that they're fresh, fresh, fresher!"

The next day, a businessman walked in and asked for the price of the donuts. The teenager replied fifty cents. The man asked if they were fresh, and the boy said, "Fresh, fresh, fresher!",

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The man asked if he should buy them and the salesboy said he did not know. Disappointed, the businessman left the bakery. Immediately, the manager walked in and told the boy that he was supposed to say to the man, "If you don't, somebody else will.

The next day, a robber rushed into the bakery and asked for all the money. The robber asked the salesboy if he was trying to get fresh with him, and the boy said, "Fresh, fresh, fresher!"

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The robber asked the boy if he should shoot him, and the boy replied, "If you don't, somebody else will."

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