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Daily Joke: A Man Was Advised to Learn Foreign Languages

Afouda Bamidele
Jul 09, 2021
10:30 P.M.
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Today’s #jokeoftheday is about a man who was advised to take time out and learn foreign languages for a string of good reasons.


A young speaker mentioned that he was advised by his senior colleague to learn and practice another language, and there was a list of reasons why he should brush up on his multi-lingual skills.

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His colleague explained that the main cause of death in the United States was the high rate of heart disease. But in Japan, where there was a low rate of fat in their diet, their rate of heart disease was lower compared to the US.

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The speaker also compared the situation to that of France, where diet had a high rate of fat but the heart disease rate was lower than in the US.

He added that the situation was also better in China. The tolerance for red wine was low, and the resulting effect is the low rate of heart disease.

Similarly, he took note of the situation in Spain, relaying that there was a high rate of heavy drinking there, but the rate of heart diseases was low.


In Algeria, there was a low rate of sexual activity recorded and the heart disease rate was minimal compared to the US. On the other hand, in Brazil, the sexual activity percentage was really high, but heart disease rates were still lower than in the US.

In essence, the senior colleague imparted that one needs to eat, drink, enjoy, and live life to the fullest and that as a matter of fact, "It’s speaking English that kills you."



The English language can be said to defy the odds of logic. Why? Because there is no egg in an eggplant, no ham in hamburgers, and no pines or apples in pineapples.

English muffins were not discovered in England, and French fries were not invented in France. The English language seems to deal with paradoxes in its word composition.


Quicksands sink slowly and boxing rings are square in shape. Guinea pigs are neither from Guinea, and they do not look like pigs. People who work on plays recite, but people at recitals play.

Moreover, if the past tense of teach is taught, why can’t the past tense of preach be praught? If the people who love vegetables are called vegetarians, what do humanitarians eat? And if the plural of tooth is teeth, why can't the plural of phone booth be phone beeth?

In the English language, it makes sense to say a house burned up as well as saying it burned down. One can fill in a form by filling it out. A bell is only heard as soon as it goes and one parks on driveways but drives on parkways.


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