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Daily Joke: Couple Was Playing With Their Pet Dog in the Yard

Ayesha Muhammad
Jul 11, 2021
02:30 A.M.
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Today's joke is about a couple who were having a fantastic time playing with their pet dog. However, something unexpected happened, which ruined all the fun, and the couple had to take necessary measures to rectify the situation.


A couple was playing catch with their pet dog in the yard. Suddenly, the dog disappeared into the bushes and returned with a bunny in his mouth. The bunny had a brown patch on its body, and the couple instantly identified it as the neighbor's bunny.

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However, by the time they got to their dog to free the poor bunny, it was already dead. At first, the couple was terrified and didn't know what to do. After panicking for some time, the couple managed to calm down and leaned over to look at the neighbor's yard.

A dog playing with a ball in the lawn. | Photo: Pexels/Blue Bird


The couple was relieved to discover that the neighbor's car was out, which clearly indicated that he was not at home. However, they were soon swept over by another wave of panic and could not figure out what to do about the dead bunny.

The couple anticipated the neighbor's reaction and could not bring themselves to tell him that their pet dog was responsible for the bunny's tragic death. They knew that if he found out the truth, he would become furious.

A white rabbit lying on the ground. | Photo: Pexels/fotografierende


Eventually, the couple came up with a plan to save themselves and their pet dog, so they sneaked into the neighbor's yard and cautiously placed the dead bunny in his hutch. Even if the neighbors found the poor bunny, they would think that it had suffered a natural death.

After successfully carrying out the plan, the couple came home. But after an hour, the doorbell rang. When they opened the door, they were shocked to see that it was their neighbor. He had a pale, white expression on his face and said:

"It's so strange. Our bunny died this morning, and we buried him...Now somehow, he's back in the hutch!!!"


If you enjoyed this joke, here's another one about a woman who had a strange experience in the pre-quarantine times. The woman went to a movie theatre, and as she sat down in her seat, she noticed that the man sitting in front of her had brought along his dog.

The dog was sitting comfortably in the seat right next to the man. Finally, the movie started playing and reached a hilarious point. The woman heard the dog making some low-pitched woofing sounds, and it seemed as if he was laughing. Soon the movie became a little tragic, and she could hear the dog crying.

People watching a movie in a cinema. | Photo: Unsplash/Krists Luhaers


The woman was startled by the dog's strange behavior, which continued throughout the movie. After the movie ended and the lights came back, the woman tapped on the man's shoulder and said: "I gotta say, and I know it sounds weird, but it seemed like your dog really enjoyed this movie."

In response to the woman's compliment, the man looked at his dog and answered: "I know, it really is weird," he says, "because he absolutely hated the book."

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