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Rich Dad Humiliates Poor Dad, Gets What He Deserves - Subscriber Story

Sonali Bharadwaj
Jul 09, 2021
01:00 A.M.
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A wealthy dad refused his kid to hang out with a poor father’s son because the latter wasn’t as rich as him. Not long after, karma reached him, and he regretted his decision.


Allen and Frank were childhood friends. Despite the fact that Frank came from a wealthy family and Allen came from a humble one, they never let their differences impact their relationship. In fact, their bond was so close that the entire school assumed they were brothers and not friends.

As time passed, they got busy with their lives and eventually got married and had kids, but they always remained in touch. They often connected over video calls and even went on weekend outings together.

But some changes that had happened over the years weren’t really positive, which affected Frank and Allen’s friendship in the long run…


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Frank was now a wealthy businessman who was a little arrogant about his fortune and the folks he went around with. On the other hand, Allen was just an ordinary employee at a tiny IT firm, but he remained the same humble and sweet man he had been before.


But regardless of the changes, one thing stayed constant: whenever one friend invited another to meet, they never said no. This time, though, it wasn't just them who were meeting. Frank and Allen had planned a weekend get-together to take their boys, Sam and Alex, to baseball practice.

So, as soon as Sunday came, Frank and Allen got up early, loaded their respective cars with the gears, and headed towards the baseball field.

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It was around 9 o’clock when Frank arrived. He got down from his car and looked around, but Allen was nowhere to be seen. He immediately called Allen. “Hey, Allen. Where are you? I’m already at the field.”

Allen took a deep breath and replied, “I’m on my way, Frank. I’m really sorry about the trouble. My car broke down in between, and I had to take it to the repair shop. I guess it’s time I invest in a new car.”

Frank looked at his watch. It was already 9:15 a.m., and he’d scheduled a meeting for 10 a.m., but he didn’t want to sound rude, so he replied pleasantly, “No, issues, man. Take your time. I’ll wait for you guys.”


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Twenty minutes passed after the call, but Allen didn’t arrive. Frank assumed Allen’s car had broken down again, so he decided to call Allen to inform him that he could send his vehicle for him and his son, Sam. But just as he was about to place the call, some of his old friends saw him and signaled him to hurry.


Frank completely forgot about Allen and walked straight to them.

“Hey, Frank. How are you? It’s been such a long time!” one of the friends named Kevin said.

“I’m fine, Kevin," Frank responded cheerfully. “But how are you? And what are you guys doing here?”

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“We were on our way to the park across the street. But what are you doing here so early, and who’s this little dude,” Kevin asked Frank while looking at Alex.

“Well, this is my son, Alex, and I brought him here for baseball practice with Sam, Allen’s son,” Frank replied.

“Wait, is Allen the same guy? I mean, that poor classmate?” one of the friends named Damien asked. Frank nodded. “God, Frank, grow up. That guy is poor and filthy. Look at yourself, you’re rich and successful, and he’s just a piece of trash.”

“Damien is right, Frank,” Kevin added.

At this point, Frank couldn’t help but agree to whatever they said. Because there’s this thing about conversations, most people strive to blend in with the group so that they don’t appear out of place, and Frank was no exception.


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“Well, you know me, guys,” Frank said proudly, “I know Allen is poor, but I can’t be so mean to him. When he asks me to meet him, I don’t refuse because he’ll feel bad.”


“But that’s bad for your image, Frank,” Damien retorted. “Imagine if someone saw you with that poor creep. What would they think about you?”

“Guys, let’s not talk about it any further. See, I know Allen is way below my standards to be a friend, but if he was here and heard us, he’ll be upset. So, I gotta go, bye.” Frank told everyone and hurried to the field.

But Allen had heard everything. The proud Frank was so engrossed in his conversation with the rich gang that he overlooked that Allen had arrived and heard everything from behind a tree.

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But despite learning about Frank’s reality, Allen didn’t say anything to him because Sam was excited to spend the day with Alex. Sometime during the practice, though, Allen would think about the things Frank had said about him and feel bad, but he stayed quiet.

Once the practice was over, Allen decided he wouldn’t meet Frank again, but then came another trouble knocking at his door...

After the practice, Sam invited Alex over for dinner. Frank flatly refused, claiming he and his son had a special dinner party to attend. But the truth was he didn’t want Alex to spend time with Sam because Sam wasn’t as wealthy as Alex and his family. Meeting once or twice in a while was okay, but going to Sam’s house … no, Frank would never allow that.


Anyway, Alex hated lavish dinner parties. He was a simple kid who just wanted to hang out with Sam, play basketball, and have a good time. But Frank was a strict dad who wouldn’t accept no for an answer. So, Alex agreed not to go to Sam’s house, but he called Sam the next day to invite him to watch his baseball game.

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When Allen looked at the tickets, he realized they were pretty costly, but he didn’t want Sam to be disappointed, so he decided to accompany him to the game.

The next day, at the baseball match, Alex noticed that his father wasn’t around. But he spotted Sam’s family rooting for him, and he felt a little better. Frank arrived at the match, though, when it was over.

“Excellent game, Alex!” he exclaimed as he arrived as if he had always been there.

But Alex knew the truth. He was agitated and shouted at his dad, “Stop lying, dad! You weren’t even there!”.


Frank quickly tried to calm the situation down and said, “Hey, Alex. Let’s go and get you that new PlayStation you always wanted, okay? I believe that can compensate for my absence. What do you think?”

But Alex refused and yelled at the top of his voice, “All I want is my father. Not a stupid PlayStation!”.

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Frank was stunned. He didn’t utter a word and just stood motionless.

Alex continued, “Look at Sam’s family. His dad is always there for him, but what do you do? You force me to attend parties that I don’t want to and only allow me to play with kids if you’re there, which is only two days a month due to your business trips!”

“But Alex, I do this...” Frank was about to finish his sentence when Allex interrupted.

“Dad, it’s not just about that. You’re a completely different person now. You used to be humble and kind, but that day, you ridiculed Sam’s dad. And now, you think you can buy everything with money, so you’re bribing me with the PlayStation. I want you, dad, not your expensive gifts.”


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Frank was left in tears. But that day, he realized that money can’t buy happiness and love.

What do we learn from this story?

  1. Money can’t buy love and happiness.
  2. Ridiculing others just because they aren’t wealthy is a pathetic thing to do.

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