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Roshanak Hannani
Jul 11, 2021
10:00 P.M.
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A brother goes down a dark path, hating his sister and eventually kicking her out of their house after their parents died. But life taught him a harsh lesson a few years later.


Oscar grew up with pretty wealthy parents, and as a kid, he got everything he could hope for. But his sister was born when he was just six years old, and he immediately disliked her. She cried all the time, and their mother paid her tons of attention.

He was no longer the center of their universe, and Oscar grew to resent her for it. He never wanted to play with her, and when they got older, he actively bullied her behind their parents' backs.

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Things only got worse when Oscar's grades slipped in school. He hated going to class and preferred hanging out with his buddies. He enjoyed that other kids in school feared him, and his reputation followed him throughout high school.

On the other hand, Vicky was an excellent student and one of the best-behaved kids in the world. Her teachers adored her, and their parents would often brag about her to the rest of the family.

Oscar hated it and began to get into even more trouble in school. He was suspended several times but never expelled because of his father’s connection. He even got accepted into a good college despite his dismal grades because his dad pulled some strings.


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“Son, I want you to inherit my company when you’re older,” his dad told him after they received his acceptance letter.


“I don’t want to follow in your footsteps, dad,” Oscar replied.

“Then what are you going to do with your life? I barely got you into college,” his father continued.

“You shouldn’t have bothered. Just save all those connections for my sister,” he added with disdain in his voice.

“Oh, stop it. You’ve had this rivalry with Vicky since you were kids. She has never done anything to you, son. You’re 18. It’s time to move on from old childish grudges,” his father said.

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“You don’t know what I’ve been through, dad,” Oscar started.

“Please. You have bullied your sister forever and even bullied kids at school. Do you know how hard that’s been on the family? But you don’t care. I’m disappointed, Oscar. You weren’t like this when you started school,” his dad added.

Oscar didn’t have anything else to say because he knew deep down that his father was right. But he was still bitter that he had become the family black sheep while Vicky was the star. He didn’t want that reputation anymore.

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He enrolled in college and tried to like it, but business was not his strength. He didn’t know what to do. He never had dreams or plans for the future. His grades were dismal at university too, and without his dad’s knowledge, he dropped out.

His dad got him a security guard job in the company parking lot, but they still gave him an allowance. So, Oscar didn’t feel the need to work hard and thought that job was beneath him. But one day, everything changed after receiving a phone call from Vicky.

“Why are you calling me? I thought I told you to never talk to me again,” Oscar said on the phone before Vicky could utter a word.


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“Oscar!” Vicky wailed, barely managing to say his name through sobs.

“What’s going on?” he asked, worried now because Vicky was always annoyingly cheerful.


“Our parents were in a plane crash. They are gone, Oscar. I don’t know what to do!” she finally answered.

Oscar couldn’t believe it. His parents, whom he pretended to hate all his life, were gone. But now he knew the truth. He loved them and started crying to Vicky on the phone.

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Following their parents' death, Oscar decided to move into his childhood home with Vicky while she finished high school. She had already gotten into college, and their parents had given her the money in a savings account.

They divided their father’s shares in the company, and Oscar eventually decided to sell his portion. For a while, it seemed like their relationship was going well. But Oscar had never had access to such wealth and started blowing it immediately.

He reconnected with his old high school buddies, who had become even worse people than before. They hung out at their house and trashed everything. But no matter what Vicky said, Oscar didn’t pay attention.


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Things got shadier, and Vicky could see that Oscar had gotten mixed up with the wrong people. “I know they are your friends, but they are not good people. It’s dangerous,” she tried to tell him on a rare night without weird parties at their house.


“Vicky, please. They’re my friends from school. It’s all normal. Young people party and have fun. That’s what you do in your 20s,” Oscar replied.

“No, it’s not normal. This is serious criminal behavior, Oscar. You could go to jail,” Vicky tried again, but Oscar wouldn’t hear of it. Their argument escalated until Oscar started yelling.

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“I’m done with you. I hated you my entire life. You need to leave now! This is my house now. Get out and never talk to me again!” he finally screamed.

Vicky ran off before things could get worse. She had already been planning to leave but didn’t want to abandon her brother with his “friends” or let them keep destroying their childhood home. But there was nothing she could do now.

She graduated with honors from college and found a solid internship at her father’s company. Her dad’s old colleagues had seen her grow up and knew how smart she was. Slowly but surely, Vicky worked her way up through talent and not because she owned some of the shares.


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Eventually, one of the big bosses and her father’s older friend introduced her to his son. They hit it off right away and got married after a couple of years together. Vicky didn’t hear a word from Oscar for years, even when she invited him to the wedding.


Until one day, he showed up at her door, disheveled and looking broken. “Oscar, what happened?” she asked after opening the door and letting him into her house.

“You were right, Vicky. You were always right. I’m so sorry about everything. I was such a jerk to you our entire lives, and you were always looking out for me,” Oscar said through tears.

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Vicky listened as Oscar recounted his life the past couple of years, and it was horrible. He owed a ton of money to some bad people and asked her for help.

Although they had lots of money, Vicky had to talk to her husband first. But he was very understanding and offered his full support.

Vicky gave her brother money with the condition that he would fix up their childhood home, get away from bad people, and find a real job. She didn’t have high hopes, though.

A few days later, Vicky saw him again. “You found a job?” she asked.

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“Yes, I’m going to be groundskeeper for a wealthy family. It seems that I’m good at gardening, and a kind man offered me a job even without experience,” Oscar explained. Vicky was shocked but hopeful.

But she was even more surprised the following day when she saw Oscar in a uniform mowing their front lawn. Vicky’s husband was that kind man Oscar spoke of and Vicky knew that she had married the right person.

When she asked him about doing such a great thing for her brother, her husband said, “Family is more important than anything. Talk to your brother. You need each other.”

What can we learn from this story?


1. Family is the greatest gift of all. Despite his behavior, Oscar’s family loved him until the very end, and his sister offered him many chances to do better.

2. Don’t let anger rule your life. Oscar almost blew everything away due to an old resentment.

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