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Parents Spark Outrage after Placing Their Toddler on Train Tracks Just to Take a Photo

Dayna Remus
Jul 12, 2021
07:00 A.M.
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Parents are receiving backlash for choosing to take a picture of their child on a level crossing, where not so long ago, a young boy nearly died when he fell onto a train track, illustrating the possible consequences.


A picture taken in the town of Harlech Gwynedd located in Wales revealed that parents put their toddler on a railway level crossing for the purpose of a photo. The online world is not impressed.

Video surveillance caught the mother and father engaging in the "trackside selfie" trend. The worrying image was seemingly sourced from the clip which officials released.

A parent looking on as their toddler sits on a railway crossing. │Source: twitter.com/WalesOnline


The image was also shared on Twitter. In the snapshot, viewers can see a small child sitting in the middle of a railway crossing.

The social media post showed the toddler dressed in warm clothes while one parent stood next to the train tracks. They held a baby carriage in one hand, seemingly looking towards their little one.


The same Tweet also showed a picture of other individuals engaging in a photoshoot near Neath, also located in Wales. It stated that:

"There are big concerns about social media trends leading to people taking photos on train lines across Wales."

The snapshot revealed a man holding a studio light while a woman walked on the level crossing. So far, only one individual has retweeted this post, with no comments or likes.

Woman walking on a railroad track while a man uses a studio light to take photographs of her. │ Source: twitter.com/WalesOnline



The public, however, was more vocal in response to another article also covering individuals taking part in this activity. The commentators were nearly unanimous in their dislike for these people, with one expressing:

"Stupid doesn't cut it. It's about time we started removing warning labels from everything to allow nature to take its course."

Another stated that most people don't realize how fast trains are. They explained that these locomotives are perceived to be in the far distance but, due to their speed, they will cover that space rapidly.



In response to this widespread ignorance, the British Transport Police, Transport for Wales (TfW), and Network Rail are launching an educational campaign. The film will be shared on multiple social media platforms.


Targeting Wales as the main audience, it will serve to foster consciousness in citizens around the real dangers of sitting or walking on level crossings. These activities can result in a £1,000 fine and a possible court appearance.



In an incident that illustrates the said dangers of railways, a young boy fell on railroad tracks with an oncoming train approaching. His visually impaired mother struggled to help her son.

A railway pointsman at the Vangani Station of Central Railway, Mayur Shelke, witnessed the situation, and he ran into the railway tracks, saving the boy. The train nearly hit them both, but the hero survived to tell the tale.