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Daily Joke: Three Men with Three Sandwiches on a Cliff

Laura Beatham
Jul 12, 2021
11:30 P.M.
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Today's jokes are all about people eating sandwiches, including three men who did not want their sandwiches and a celebrity trying the best sandwich in the world.


One day, three men are sitting down to their lunch. They all have the same thing - a sandwich - and they are all very upset about it.

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The first man said, “If I have cheese again in my sandwich tomorrow, I am jumping off this cliff.” The second man said, If I have a peanut butter sandwich again tomorrow, I am jumping off this cliff.”

A sandwich. | Photo: Pixabay/LuckyLife11


The third man said, “If I get ham again in my sandwich, I will also jump off this cliff.” The next day, the first man got cheese, the second got peanut butter, and the third got ham. So, all three men jumped off the cliff and died.

A few days later, at their joint funeral, the first and second man’s wives said, “Why didn't they tell us they wanted different sandwiches? They didn't have to jump off the cliff.”

However, the third wife was not upset; she was angry, as she said, “I do not know why my husband jumped off the cliff. He made his own sandwiches.”



Matthew McConaughey walked into a deli to order a sandwich. The deli owner said, “Hi, Matthew McConaughey, what can I get for you?”

The actor replied, “You know, I am a renowned and Academy Award-winning actor. I’ve played so many different characters from all walks of life and the most iconic roles in all of film and television history. I'm also known for my whimsical but contemplative commercials for Lincoln Luxury vehicles.”


“Wow, that sounds like you have lived a life of good fortune,” replied the deli owner.

“Indeed,” said Mr. McConaughey, “But I hear you have the best sandwiches in the world. Despite all of my successes, I will feel empty and unfulfilled until I enjoy and taste your magnificent sandwiches. Can I order one?”

“Sure, what type of sandwich would you like?” asked the deli owner.


“All I need to feel fulfilled is a plain turkey sandwich.” Said McConaughey.

The deli owner thought it was a very boring order. So he offered the actor something to make it more interesting, “Would you like a condiment on your sandwich? We have mayo, mustard, ketchup, tomato relish, pickle relish, island dressing…?”

“I want just a plain turkey sandwich,” McConaughey said.

The deli owner was a bit irritated. The actor had come to try his sandwiches, and all he was getting was a plain turkey sandwich. “What kind of bread do you want?”

McConaughey thought for a moment, “What kind of bread do I want?” he said and then winked, “All rye, all rye, all rye.”