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Daily Joke: Man Enters a Bar in the Deep West

Afouda Bamidele
Jul 17, 2021
10:30 A.M.
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Todays' #jokeoftheday is about a young man from the old days of the west. He went in search of a job at a saloon, and after getting the job, the owner gave him a warning he didn't see coming.


A young man from the old days of the American west left his home in the east and set out in search of green pasture. When he got there, he came across a saloon with a "HELP WANTED" sign outside.

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He could not believe his luck as he entered the saloon and came across the owner. After the owner did a perusal of his physique, he was informed that he qualified for the role.

A photo of a Western American man. | Photo: Shutterstock



Before he was allowed to start his job, the saloon owner called him aside to give him a warning. The owner told him that if he ever heard the words, "Big John's a-comin," he should immediately leave all he was doing and run away.

The man nodded, taking proper note of what he had been told then went about his business doing diligent work. However, one day, he heard a commotion coming from the crowd outside the saloon.


The saloon worker was confused by what was going on and decided to listen intently so he could understand. Almost immediately, he started hearing people shouting the words, "Big John's a-comin! Big Jooooohn's a-comin!"

He swung into action immediately, and as he was about to rush out through the back door, a giant man rushed into the saloon on the back of a massive mountain lion. He bumped into the young man on his way in.


He also had a colossal rattlesnake in his hand, serving as a whip. The man swung the snake to a side of the saloon and sent the chairs and tables clattering all over. His voice thundered as he requested a barrel of pickle juice.

The young saloon attendant managed to stand on his feet and he scrambled away for the order. After the huge guy drank the contents of the barrel, the young man offered him another drink, and but the big guy said, "Ain't got time! Big John's a-comin'!"



Everyone in a western town was having a typical night at a saloon. While the music played, some men jollied among themselves, while some watched the dancers.

All of a sudden, everyone heard the door open wide and slam against the wall. The bar went gravely quiet as everyone waited for the intruder to make its way in.

As they all watched, a dog quietly walked in on its hind legs while its left front leg was held in a sling. The dog gave everyone a once-over and walked through. It then muttered, "I'm lookin' for the man who shot my paw."


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