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Woman Gets Cruelly Catcalled While Working Out in Her Front Yard

Rodolfo Vieira
Jul 14, 2021
12:30 A.M.
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TikTok user Joanna Jizzell often posts videos of herself working out, but when she decided to skip rope in her front yard, she didn't expect such a negative reaction from passersby.


In the video, which immediately went viral and gathered millions of views, Jizzell can be seen wearing black workout pants and a pink shirt as she does her best to skip rope.

However, a few seconds in, a car can be heard driving by, followed by a man's voice saying, "go inside, no one wants to see that," leading to the TikToker stopping dead in her tracks.

Joanna Jizzell skipping rope on her front yard before and after she is fat-shamed by a passerby | Photo: tiktok.com/joannajizzell



The car then speeds away, leaving a very confused and disheartened Jizzell behind, who just walks over to the camera and ends the video.

Jizzell has been trying her best to change her lifestyle, become healthier and lose weight and has been sharing her journey with others online, but there are always people who have something negative to say.


After the incident, several of her followers rushed over to comfort her, saying that she is doing great and that she should ignore the haters because they are unhappy with themselves, so they take it out on others.

Some TikTok users also praised Jizzell's composure following the rude comment from the man in the car and told her that she should continue her journey while sharing her progress with them.



In the description of the video, Jizzell left a message for those watching, saying how she wishes people would think about how words can hurt, along with a hashtag about being kind.

The TikToker later shared another video in which she thanked everyone for their support while guaranteeing that she kept skipping on her driveway after the camera was shut off.


According to Jizzell, she skipped rope for another 30 minutes, and she has worked very hard to be where she is today, having lost a total of 64lbs between April 2020 and May 2021. She added:

"I got tired of hating myself and always letting my depression and anxiety win. I am down 55 lbs and from a size 24 to a size 16. Although this journey is hard and I have a long way to go, I won't stop fighting."



However, Jizzell was not the only one who was recently shamed for her weight. In Columbia, South Carolina, a woman named Ashley Cheffen was denied service at a nail salon for being too heavy.

According to Cheffen, she went to the POSH nail spa for a pedicure, which she has done many times since 2018, and was informed by the receptionist that she weighed too much for the chairs.

Ashley Cheffen telling her story during an interview with WACH FOX 57 with the interior of the spa as a background| Photo: WACH FOX 57

After the incident went viral online, a representative for the spa owners claimed that it was all about safety and that there was no discrimination involved.

Nevertheless, the spa owners later shared that the receptionist who denied Cheffen service no longer worked at the location.


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