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Daily Joke: Woman Asks for Sugar From a Little Red Man

Laura Beatham
Jul 14, 2021
05:00 P.M.
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Today's joke is about a woman who wanted to enjoy some baking, but her day turned upside down when she went to ask her neighbor for a cup of sugar.


A little white woman had decided to do some baking. As she was getting her ingredients out of her little white cupboard, she noticed that she did not have any white sugar.

So she decided that she would ask her neighbor, Mr. Green, if he had any sugar she could have. So she put on her little white gloves, put on her little white coat, and grabbed her little white bag.

The woman was baking a cake and noticed she had no sugar | Shutterstock


She then headed out her little white door, down the little white garden path, through her little white gate, and passed her little white mailbox towards Mr. Green’s house.

She reached Mr. Green's little green gate, walked up his little green path, and noticed he was standing on a little green ladder, repainting his little greenhouse a gorgeous shade of green.


So the little white woman said, “Hi Mr. Green! Could I borrow a cup of sugar, please?” However, Mr. Green could not hear her, so he climbed down his little green ladder.

He then put down his little green can of paint and little green paintbrush and said, “Sorry, what did you say?”

“I said, Can I please have a cup of sugar?” said the little white woman.


“Well,” said Mr. Green, “I gave the last of my sugar to Mr. Red because he is making beer. But I am sure he has some left. Why don’t you walk over there and ask him?”

The little white woman agreed, and so she left Mr. Green to paint his little greenhouse. She walked down the little green path, passed his little green gate and on to the road.


She had to wait at the crossing for the red man to turn green so she could cross the road. When the light finally turned green, she crossed the road to Mr. Red’s house.

“Hmm, I wonder if Mr. Red is putting his beer in those little red bottles he always uses,” she thought as she walked down Mr. Red’s red path to his little red door.


The little white woman knocked on the door, but no one answered. She knocked again and said, “Hello, is anyone home?” Again, the little white woman did not hear anything, so she went inside.

“Mr. Red? Are you here?”

Mr Red then responded, “Oh, Hi Ms. White. I am just in the shower! I'll be down there right now.” Mr. Red then came down his red stairs wearing only a red towel. He asked Ms. White, “What can I do for you?”


Ms. White responded, “Well, I was hoping you could give me some sugar. I am trying to bake but I do not have any sugar.’

Mr. Red replied, “Of course, I actually had to ask Mr. Geen for his sugar because I am making beer. But I have some left over I can give to you. It is just on the top shelf here. ”

Ms White watched as Mr. Red climbed on a little red chair to reach his little red cupboard and said, “Can you pass me that little red cup?” Ms. White grabbed the little red up and went to give it to him.

As Mr. Red turned around to grab the cup, his towel fell completely off, and on to the floor. The little white woman was shocked and humiliated so she half ran out of Mr. Red’s little red house.


As she ran towards her little white house, she crossed the road and was hit by a yellow truck. A blue paramedic van came to help her but it was too late. The little white woman had died.

So it just goes to show that you should never cross the road when the little red man is flashing. Now you know to always be careful when the little red man is flashing!