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Daily Joke: Millionaire Subjects His Housekeeper Applicants to a Hygiene Test

Afouda Bamidele
Jul 15, 2021
10:30 A.M.
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Today’s #jokeoftheday is about a millionaire who needed to employ a housekeeper and had many things in consideration. At the top of his list was the need for good personal hygiene, so the employer devised a test.


A millionaire needed the services of a housekeeper, but first, he knew that hygiene was an essential trait. After putting out a vacancy post, three people came in applying for the job.

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The millionaire checked them out and knew that they were all qualified, but the last test needed to be physically carried out. The rich man set up security cameras in his large bathroom in a hidden location.

The cameras were positioned to keep the focus on the bathroom sink. The man then let each of the applicants use the bathroom. The first man went inside, used the bathroom, and did not wash his hands in the sink.

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When he got out, the millionaire fired him straight away. The next guy went into the bathroom, and after using it, he also did not wash his hands. The millionaire once again wasted no time firing him.


When the last applicant entered the bathroom, he was there for a while, and after he finished, he washed his hands. The millionaire was impressed by this, and he asked him why he washed his hands. He replied, “Because the toilet paper ran out.”



A father received the phone bill for the month, and he was perplexed and did not know how and why the bill was so high when he always used the telephone at his office.

He called his wife to the living room and asked her why the phone bill skyrocketed. She said she did not use the phone at home but always made use of the telephone at her grocery store.

He asked his son, and the young man replied that he was usually not home and he always used the telephone at his university. The man asked his young daughter, and she also said that she mainly used the phone at her high school.


Everyone confessed that they rarely used the phone at home. And as they thought about the possible cause of the high bill, their minds went to the housekeeper.

She was summoned and asked how the telephone bill was high. The housekeeper was quite displeased as she looked at everyone and said, “Why do you look so angry? You guys have also been using the phone at work!"