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Daily Joke: Kitchen Where Certain Questions are Not Heard

Laura Beatham
Jul 15, 2021
11:30 P.M.
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This kitchen would come in handy in real life as people can only hear their name if they are in it! Check out this hilarious situation below.


Jeremy, a butler, loved to drink his boss's expensive


each day, and to hide it, he topped up the wine bottles with water so his boss would not notice. However, Jeremy's boss had become suspicious of Jeremy, so he came up with a plan.

"That is so crazy!" | Photo: Shutterstock


The boss bought a costly bottle of wine that changed color when water was added to it. So the boss left the wine out in hopes that his plan would work.

The following evening, Jeremy poured himself a big glass of wine and refilled the bottle with water. In seconds, the wine went from a dark shade of red to a bright yellow.

A glass of red wine alongside a wine bottle. | Photo: Pxabay/congerdesign


Jeremy knew he would be in trouble, so he stayed in the kitchen. A few moments later, Jeremy's boss noticed the wine had changed colors, so he knew that Jeremy had tried to refill it with water.

So the boss shouted, "Jeremy! Do you know who drank a glass of my very expensive wine?" Jeremy did not respond. The boss asked again, but Jeremy still did not reply.


Eventually, the boss went into the kitchen and said, "Jeremy, I am asking you a question. Why are you not responding?"

"Sorry, Boss, I did not hear you. If you are in the kitchen, then you can only hear your name. I promise, let me show you," pleaded Jeremy.

The boss and Jeremy switched places. Once Jeremy was outside the kitchen, he shouted, "Boss, who goes into the maid's bedroom when madam is not at home?" The boss did not respond for a few minutes.


"Wow!" Yelled the boss, "you were right. I could only hear my name!" The boss's wife heard the commotion and came down to the kitchen to find out what was going on.

Jeremy explained that if you are in the kitchen, then you can only hear your name. The wife was skeptical, so Jeremy said, "Madam, we will prove it. Go stand in the kitchen."


The wife stood in the kitchen and the boss and Jeremy went into the next room. Jeremy shouted, "Madam, who is Junior's father? Me or boss?" The wife did not respond for a few minutes.

The wife yelled back, "That is so crazy! I could only hear my name and nothing else. We will have to get the walls redone."

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